Does Quantum Entanglement Scientifically Explain Psychic Phenomena?


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Do you see 11:11? Think of people then they call you? Or does the perfect person, at the perfect time ever show up to solve the most obscure of problems? Do you often predict things before they happen? Or feel like you have just read someone’s mind? If yes that’s good! Some people live in line with this strange phenomenon, others fear it and many just ignore it or write it off as coincidence. However you view synchronicity, psychic phenomena or magic there could well be a scientific or depending on how you look at it a very unscientific explanation for its existence.

In the scientific universe there are a certain set of rules and constants when it comes to the macrocosmic world. The law of gravity and the speed of light are 2 that most people probably understand. However when it comes to the microcosmic, and the world of quantum physics there is a completely different set of rules which defy any scientific explanation. And while we are macrocosmic beings, we are ultimately made up of microcosmic atoms and particles from the microcosmic world.

When 2 sub atomic particles interact they can become entangled, this is a process in which the two properties become linked and is a process not fully understood by modern science called quantum entanglement. This is a physical phenomenon which occurs at the microscopic level

when a pair or group of particles are generated, or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be separated. Meaning once the 2 particles become entangled, they can be separated by infinite distance and when one is altered the other will instantaneously also be altered. Something that Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.”

Given the nature of these particles being split could it be argued that different groups of people share entangled particles within their DNA that could have been entangled at anytime in history even predating human beings. And due to our entangled DNA we share some kind of connection on this level.

If this was the case would it explain a lot of psychic phenomena, why people often do things in perfect synchronicity, why people who do not know each other often align on ideas at the right time, and that sense of knowing you have when you meet new people that you instantly bond with. This is just a theory and I have to be honest, I do not fully understand how quantum entanglement works, but could this explain in more scientific terms what many “psychic” people over the globe are currently experiencing? Please share this article and discuss what you think by leaving me a comment!

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