Powerful Images Show Life Through The Eyes Of A Syrian Refugee

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

“Through Refugee Eyes” is a project created by Abdulazez Dukhan, an 18 years old syrian refugee who arrived in Greece in February 2016.

His goal was to give a voice to refugees using photography, which reveals their daily struggles, and shares the stories that don’t often get reported. He is currently running exhibitions in London, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Us and China.

Here are some of the images he has taken for Through Refugee Eyes” which offer a range of mixed emotions. Some show struggle, some show unity, some are heartbreaking and others show the power of banding together in hard times. The captions have been left as they were written by Abdulazez as I didn’t want them to lose the essence of his voice.

Before I share the images I think this powerful video and message from Abdulazez explains why the refugees are there in the first place.

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Drawing by Razan

11 years old

Simple drawing says a lot suffering !!


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” My friend my friend ”

Still kids in the camp is the most important thingthey are learning, playing and laughing away from the situation

around them and away from all suffering.

still they are calling volunteers ” my friend ” to ask them about something like a toy or a ball.

this innocent kids not terrorist, not coming to Europe for the money as big part of Europe are saying, this kids know

how to love, how to love just.


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Hey what do you want ?

” Can you take pic for me with my house !! ”

Your house ..

yes sure I can just stand


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Softex military camp

__for Volunteers__

that’s the camp which all people are speaking about here in Greece ” : drugs, guns and I don’t know what!!”

I saw the situation there and it is the worst, nothing there, there are no volunteers, all the things in general are bad, the last thing they did was a hunger strike for 9 days, cause of food and ignorance from government

volunteers you’re here, I’m asking you to go there, help there, you’re doing amazing things but you should also find the place which needs more help and try to be real volunteer in the real needed place, don’t stay in one camp, spread your help and leave to another spot if it’s necessary, even there are some troubles there that’s not the important point. You came in order to help in every spot was needed, and I assure you that this is one of the worst places I’ve seen and there are a lot of nice people who deserve this help.

Share our post to take it around to all volunteers here


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” No one can take my smile away from me ” 🙂


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For four times she left and she came back, every time she is back a lot of kids around her calling her ” My friend ”

always laughing, entertaining, helping and trying to spend the best time with refugees today we wanted to say thank you today we wanted to say congrats for your white heart :you’re one of real volunteers and we would love to say thanks for all of you

Curi Salvador Soy


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strength, life, smile, love, forgiven and hope

this faces will never lose that smile however the situation around it 🙂

Refugees still alive


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” We have love and we can give love just “

Be close to us if you are trying to find love


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The world wanted me to be here and I just accepted I have no problem to face the suffering I love to be in the middle of conflict today I’m weak yes! but tomorrow when I’ll go out from here

I’ll be strong I’ll be so strong !!


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__And still__

we will fight that world with our love


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Military camp !!

Still the problem with mosquitoes so bad

people don’t know how they can solve it !!

still problem getting bigger and bigger ..

Share refugees suffering


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Still beautiful faces getting destroyed because of insects!!


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Still number of kids who have ” asthma ” increasing

because breathing inside tent in military camp!!

when they came they were ok !!

now they are going to be special case because staying in this camps !!


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Refugee unknown skill


19 years old, from Damascus

” I’ve been beatboxing for 5 years , It’s my hobby and I was sometimes doing songs with some raper

I’m here 4 months ago and I didn’t find someone to encourage me to do that again, if I can find some people support me I’ll continue and start again “




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Medical case


Please read it

Mervan Muhaned

4 years old

After spending two months in idomini, Mervan eyes injured by some needle came from their tent after it broke. His father asked some doctors if it’s normal or no and they said it’s ok, after evacuation from there to military camp he was in the clinic for another thing, Doctors saw Mervan’s eyes, they said there is something not normal, they check it and they said he has to go to hospital then Mervan and his father were in the hospital, doctors said they have to do surgery!! his father was surprise because they said it’s ok in idomini!!

Doctors said he has to do 3 operations, he did the first one directly after few days when he was in hospital, 3 days ago he did the second one and he still has to do third one!!

Doctors said to his father you should do this things :

1- keep him away from dust

2- don’t allow him to be in the sun for long time

3- Don’t let him cry

4- Don’t let him itch his eyes

To do that it’s not easy !!

they are in military camp, dust around their camp , for sure they can’t prevent him always to play with kids and that kids in the sun, they are doing their best to tell him we can give you what you want just don’t cry and don’t itch your eyes!!

Today we are asking for place, house hotel or any place they can stay in it!!

they are 5 people, the parents, Mervan and 2 brother

twins 4 years old and another kid 1.5 year!

If you know some one can help, please help them to be in better situation!!

Contact with us for more info



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” Different world, it’s small place call camp with big number of people, they have no car, no house, no work, but they still have a real smile which in a rich big cities lost it “

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For one day I was in Lagadika camp

the different in that camp refugees there created team called ” Jfra “, they are doing every thing in the camp,

Jfra team contain almost 15 people, all of them refugees, their old between 16-30 years old, they are in every where and helping in every thing

I was really so happy in that camp when I saw this guys doing every thing there with so wise and big smile ^^


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School kids team were saying good bye for Spanish team by their way, singing, doing play and laughing, that the way they just followed it, away from crying, being sad and suffering

always smile, always hope, always love


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Can I ask what are you doing ?

” Here is our school, we are teaching all who want to start from the beginning in Arabic, there is another class for English and another one for German ”

They are trying to do their simple life, trying to get ” normal life ”


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I was just following her to know what she is doing with that bag

then she was just going around and collecting trash from the ground to find clean place !!


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He was inside, he thought that he is playing, he doesn’t know that in the real he is like that, he doesn’t know that he is in the greece jail!!



There were a few uncaptioned images too that I thought worth sharing-

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pasted image 0 (24)

pasted image 0 (25)

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This is the most recent image, the caption captures the desperation and shows that many refugees have been misinformed and misled.

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Thank you so much UNHCR

thank you for lying to our faces for six months. I still remember you saying over and over again “it’s soon and it’s okay and every thing is gonna be okay.” I still remember when I was in Idomini and all your employees were saying “the program will not take long.” I still remember how you removed us from a free camp to military-camps that are run like prisons.

What have you done in the camps?

What have you done for us?

If you speak about smuggling as being a bad solution, you should know that you pushed us to do that when you kept lying.


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Destruction ..

share the suffering of the other world

The world no one knows and no one wish to know!

It is hard to to comprehend what is going on in Greece and many other refugee camps across the world, but this is a good start to seeing what is going on through the eyes of a refugee!

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I spoke with Abdulazez when I was writing this article and assumed that he was no longer in Greece as he is running exhibitions all over the globe, but to my surprise he is. He was very helpful and looking at the work he is doing, he comes across as a very selfless person, who is working for the greater good of humanity. This is Abdulazez and like all the other people in these images, he is a human being looking for a better life.

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Please support in anyway you can follow what they are doing at Through Refugee Eyes  and share this message far and wide! Much love, Luke

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