New Delivery Service Will Allow Amazon Drivers Access To Our Homes

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But what will this mean for our privacy?

Amazon are rolling out a new service in which delivery drivers will be allowed to enter our homes. The company says it is safe and they we be able to access our property when we are not there.

The service is due to be launched on November 8th and is called called Amazon Key. It is for prime members and includes an Amazon security camera, Cloud Cam, and smart lock.

You will be able to select the “in-home” shipping option when you place your order and . Amazon will verify the address and delivery time which allows the driver into your home. The whole process is recorded, which you can watch live or at a later date.

The service can also be used for family, friends or anyone you need to give access to in your absence. They will be rolling out the service in 37 cities across the US.

The one issue that comes to mind is that of data and privacy, where will our data be stored and will Amazon be able to access the camera at any time?

We have contacted Amazon for a response on this and will update when they respond. Please share this article!

Image Credit: Amazon

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