Why You Must Get Out Into Nature & Laugh Hard Today

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Numerology for the 11th of January 2017 (also interpreted as 1111)

This month is a very selfish month, and when I say selfish I don’t mean you have to be so at the detriment of others, just that self care is specifically important in this month. Today is 11 01 2+0+1+7= 10, so in its simplest form 1111 or 1 to the power of 4. 4 in this case represents nature and 1 the self, so today is about the self connecting with nature and it will be no surprise that this is done by spending time in nature.

Today is the most selfish day of the month being it is all about the 1’s (self) and only second to 11/11/2017 this year, it also just came to me that 11/11/2018 will be 111111, but let’s stay in the moment!

If you add up all the numbers in today’s date you get 13, this to my understanding is the cosmic joke on an intuitive level, 7 being the cosmic joke in the physical. Just to give a further understanding of 7 and possibly the most (at least in my case) elusive and confusing number from (1 to 9) 7 is the thing (number) that needs not be there, but on further inspection you realise how important it is. 7 governs a lot, many cycles are in 7s yet it cannot be divided by any whole number. It is the paradox, the dualistic nature of the world and can be interpreted in many ways. It is also a mirror.

7 is a very interesting number in the fact that if you removed it from the number sequence it would not have an impact on the rest of the numbers. 13 is the the same but intuitively understood, given this, it is hard to actually explain as intuition to my understanding is a feeling, not something verbalised.

However something that is interesting is there are also cycles of 13 that are very significant that we have become detached with, mainly being the 13 month cycle of 28 days. <You can read more about this here

It is thought that if we follow an irregular calendar, which is artificial and mechanical, our minds to follow suite. Our world is currently out of sync, as is our calendar. If we can follow our original calendar of 13 months we can return to harmony and tune into the natural order of things, returning to spiritual harmony with nature.

This may sound a little hypocritical as I am using the 12 month calendar to interpret dates, however this is the calendar we are currently using and if done according to the 13 month calendar no one would understand it apart from those who use the 13 month calendar. So while I think we should move to the 13 month calendar, I don’t think society is ready yet, although I believe we will be soon.

So today is about self, but understanding on an intuitive level that we are not that important, while also understanding that we are each the centre of our own universe. It is confusing, but also makes total sense. Also if you take 1+1+1+1 and 1+3 you get 4 or 44. This is nature and the impact it has both physically and spiritually. But also 8 which represents infinity. The infinite nature of self (1) the infinite nature of the cosmic joke on the intuitive level (13) and the infinite nature of nature (4).

Today is about serious reflection, but also laughing. Embracing the mood swings, and accepting that we are all a little crazy. This is just reality.


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