Mental Training For Fighters

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When I was younger I was very passionate about martial arts. I became vice-champion of Poland in Kickboxing in 2002. Unfortunately, I suffered a serious fracture that I left untreated (due to my own stupidity). Later on, I learned that the bone did not heal properly and it became a major obstacle preventing me from competing or serious training. Overall I trained for around 9 years in Poland and the UK, I did compete in boxing and kickboxing on a national level. I also trained judo when I was much younger and I did spend a lot of time analyzing different techniques, styles, and performance-enhancing strategies in martial arts. Most athletes competing in combat sports put emphasis on physical performance and do very little of mental training. However, mindset is one of the most important areas after physical training and diet and there aren’t a lot of coaches who really know how to train the mind for optimal performance. Many techniques that I have been studying and practicing for years can be applied to improve athletic performance. My focus is on combat sports as this is where my passion and background are. If you are a boxer, MMA fighter, or any other combat sports athlete and you are looking for techniques and tools that will help you to get the edge over your opponents, reach out to me to arrange a free initial consultation. 

Some of the areas that I focus on: 

– Visualisation techniques
– Law of attraction tools
– Anxiety control
– Self-belief
– Improving self-discipline
– Meditation techniques

Cost: Single consultation (up to 90minutes long) $200
3 sessions package $500

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