Radically Different Perception On ‘Good’ vs ‘Evil’


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

When I speak about lightness and darkness I am not speaking of anything but forces in nature or the world, some would say good and bad, right and wrong or good and evil. But given the importance of language I like to use the term light and dark. Firstly because I don’t think that these darker forces are necessarily evil/bad, just in excess they are and if anyone reading this article honestly sets their mind back into the last few days I am sure they can find an example of a thought, feeling or action that included the darker forces of nature.

In my opinion it is the feeding of these forces that create an imbalance, not the actual forces themselves, I will give you a few example that you can conceptualise before I explain my reasoning behind why I believe the lighter forces to be stronger than the dark.

Let’s say you make a judgement on someone (we all make judgements at times) the person you see is to fat, to thin, talking to their kids in a way that offends, is not dressed the way you think is appropriate, watches a TV program you feel is inappropriate and/or does anything you feel is judgeable. If you pass that judgement, acknowledge it, let it pass and later forgive yourself, you are done with the judgement.

Another path you could take it to feed it, you may comment on it, make your feelings known. Or go even further and tell your friend/partner about your concern or to go even further take it into a later period of time, take it to work with you and continue the feeding of the dark energy of the judgement you just made.

Another example is let’s say you get a feeling, something I observed recently in myself is the power of feelings, but also the power of the thoughts that produce them. This actually happened when I was laughing, I then forgot why I was laughing, but continued to laugh for a few minutes, then after them few minutes I had that warm fuzzy feeling you get after you have been laughing, the thought had disappeared and to this day I still cannot remember why I was laughing but the feeling lasted a lot longer.

This led me to thinking that the power of thought is important, but the feeling it produces is possibly the more powerful (but also complementary) of the forces. So that was an example of lightness, but it works the same for darkness. Let’s say you take a glimpse in the mirror and you feel ugly or you laugh at a joke, then realise it is not a joke and it is really awkward and inappropriate, or you call your teacher at school Mum (Mom), everyone has done that one right?

This thought can produce a feeling of embarrassment, disgust or any dark emotion. You may even feel that feeling later in the day and not know why, a bit like my example of laughing and forgetting why I am laughing (in reverse). And it can actually escalate into feeling bad about feeling bad, and go on and on for weeks, months or even a lifetime. A bit like the snowball effect. Another lighter and in my opinion really effective way to deal with this is to apply something called the law of polarity and offer your mind a opposite lighter emotion in place of the dark one.

So for the feeling ugly, you could tell yourself you are beautiful (and mean it because you are), for the awkward laugh, you could acknowledge it apologize and forgive your mistake. And if you called your teacher Mum, well you can just laugh that one off I think, and not take things too seriously!

These are just a couple example of how you can embrace the lighter side of life, by feeding it and not fighting against the darkness. But with that being said darkness does serve a purpose, sometimes we need to enter this space and if you are currently in this space it could (A be a signal that you need to change something or (B be something that you need to experience to prepare yourself for the life you are supposed to have. Just know that if you are dedicated to finding what it is that matters to you, you can get through no matter what dark period you are currently facing!

Now onto why the light is more powerful than the dark. Darkness (in the physical, mental and spiritual world) is an absence of light. You can always get rid of the darkness by shining a light on it, however darkness cannot dim the shine of the light. Light is not a lack of darkness and can stand alone, however darkness needs the light to stay away for it’s survival. We always have the ability to light the candle, switch on the torch or light the fire. However we will occasionally have to accept the shadows that pass on our journey.

Darkness is not a bad thing, stopping, slowing down and observing is not a bad thing. Sometimes we are high, sometimes we are low, and sometimes we need to experience pain to understand ourselves a little more. But just remember you can always switch your light back on at any time. Much love to you and everyone on this beautiful universe we inhabit! Luke!


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