* Libra New Moon* Embracing The Light And Shadow


By Rebekah Shaman via US 4 Campaign Archive

Dear Lunascopers

New moons represent new beginnings, and this Libra new moon is auspiciously on 1st October at 1.11 in UK and Australia, and for those in the US it is the second dark moon of the month and known as a ‘Black Moon’. This is a wonderful opportunity to vision, manifest and intention what you want to achieve, as the magic will be powerful over this next moon cycle.The energy has certainly increased in intensity. Now that Mercury is no longer in retrograde and Autumn Equinox has passed, things are moving forward again, as we start heading into the darkness here in the Northern hemisphere, and heading into the light in the Southern hemisphere.

Use this Libra moon to focus on the blessings in the burdens, and find the trust that everything is happening perfectly, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Over the next few months we may well see more imbalance and disharmony on a global scale, which can affect our mental and emotional health, and create high levels of stress.

When we accept what we can change, surrender to what we cannot change, and have the wisdom to know the difference we can embrace everything that is happening with a sense of peace and harmony, rather than fear and anxiety.

I have recorded a guided meditation featuring music by sourcevibrations.com in the magical frequency of 432hz, which is said to have healing benefits, and artwork by Sequin Kay. It’s a beautiful combination to induce deep states of peace and relaxation to help you find balance over this moon Click here for the Free MP3.

This also accompanies a blog I wrote, the Shamanic Path to Peace

Wishing you all a harmonious, balanced, and peaceful new moon ride.
In Love and Gratitude
Rebekah Shaman 

We think we’re victims but we just don’t see,
We are whoever we choose to be.
For every decision we make in the present,
The seed of the future is inherent.
Our parents have taught us another idea,
Passed down through generations but based on fear,
And now we’ve forgotten why we are here.
We cling to the past, worry what’s coming next,
We seem to live our lives in constant regrets.
But we are beginning to awake and starting to remember,
As the Creator stokes the evolutionary embers,
And every member of the human race will soon have to find their place,
On the evolutionary scale, though wherever you are you cannot fail,
It’s just Mother Earth is shifting in opposite directions,
Based on our subconscious reflections.
So if you choose to fear and hate, that is what will be your fate.
Your state of mind will draw to you, fear and hate in all you say and do.
But if instead you choose love and tranquillity,
You will start to live in your true divinity,
As the Gods and Goddesses that we really are,
Illuminating the light from our bright Star.
For this physical body is not really here,
It’s a hologram of light that was originally clear.
But over time its been tainted by fear and greed
That was not part of the DNA program of our original seed.
And if you heed what I am saying its because we can no longer hide,
It time to let go and stop the fight.
And accept that we are being led,
By following our hearts and not our heads.
For we have already made the decision and only in the stillness can we listen,
In order to envision what we want to manifest, we no longer need to guess,
Or walk through life with closed eyes, it’s time to open them, spread wings, and fly,
To the next dimension that is ready and waiting,
Pure and untouched with Love its pulsating,
Radiating peace and harmony for us to start again,
As true light beings in this new game.
Because whatever we do now we cannot stop,
Mother Earth’s need to purge the rot,
So stop falling victim to this 3D reality that has kept us locked in Karmic causality.
Just radiate love and joy from your inner soul and it will be returned to you,
A thousand fold.
For we are all aspects of the Creator that is the ALL.
And in the silence you can hear the call,
Of the Great Goddess who has come to help us out,
All we need to do is trust without doubt.
And start living Life as a wonderful and magical gift
And remember to smile as the earth shifts…
Rebekah Shaman 
Photo: Hemp Fields in the Autumn Sunlight – Rebekah Shaman

The Libra new moon is appropriately symbolised by the scales, as it heralds the Autumn Equinox when the sun is balanced in the sky before the nights get longer in the Northern hemisphere, and the days get longer in the Southern hemisphere. 

It is also the only sign in the zodiac represented by an ‘inanimate’ object – the scales. Lack of the human or animal element makes this sign the most ‘civilised,’ and yet the most disconnected from nature.

However, because Libra is ruled by Venus, we are able to see the beauty and perfection in things so take some time out in nature over this moon. Enjoy and appreciate the smells and colours of the new season and find some time in silence to acknowledge, accept, and embrace, without judgement, all the changes that are occurring within us and the external world.

Here are my 7 top tips to successfully surfing this Libra new moon wave!

Stay Balanced
The challenge this month is to remain honest and truthful, especially when the easy option is to pacify others and betray your principles.  Be aware of what is tipping your scales this moon, and forcing you to remain in your truth. Try to keep an open mind and see both sides of the situation, however riled and angry you feel. When we respond calmly, peacefully and with clarity we can achieve a harmonious outcome.

If you are finding conflict in your life, use it beneficially to go deeper inside and hear what your intuition is saying to you. Often when we fight our inner knowing we subconsciously create disharmony and obstacles.

Enjoy the Human Connection
Libra can also re-energise our relationships by bringing the focus back to partnerships, and shows us that we are most effective when we work as a team and everyone feels an equal part of it, inspired by the last Pisces full moon. We may experience a new sense of love and respect in our love relationships, or, if single, we may find that we fall in love and meet our soulmate during this moon cycle. Passions are running high and we feel more sociable, outgoing and friendly. Enjoy this time, as working, interacting and playing with others becomes more joyful and fun under this Moon.

Feeling Vulnerable
However, we may also feel emotionally unbalanced or fragile during this period, as Libra cuts through illusion, bringing things that are hidden to the surface. Truths can be revealed and someone in power may create a challenging situation, at both the personal and global levels. Use this as an opportunity to remain balanced, harmonious, and find the blessing in the burden. If you are powerless to change the situation set intention, and focus on a positive outcome that serves the highest good.

Be aware not to over commit yourself, compromise too heavily, or spread yourself too thin during this moon. There is a tendency with the Libra energy to overdo things that may leave you tired and despondent. Also ground your expectations in realism so that you are not disappointed if certain situations, and others, are not as they seem.

Acknowledge Reflections
The Libran moon helps us to see the hidden parts of  ourselves in the reflections of others. The dark side of Libra is when we decide to go to war and choose to be a victim and stay in our rage and anger. If there is something you don’t like in someone, use this new moon to go within and see what it is in you that has attracted that person into your life. We become empowered and can change the situation when we take personal responsibility for our own actions and recognise that the behaviours of others is actually reflections of own unconscious processes.

Self – Reliance
Use this moon to find your own source of inner harmony and balance, rather than expecting others to make you happy. When we find our own internal happiness and security, and are self-supporting without needing to rely on others, we find that life supports and nurtures us right back.

Sending and Receiving Love
If you are finding yourself stressed by what you are hearing on the news, or feeling misunderstood, alone and unloved, send love and light out into the world. Every morning send a prayer of gratitude and love to your loved ones, your family, Mother Earth and all humanity. Breathe into the feeling of love and let it fill your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Enjoy the feeling and let it radiate out, and then feel it being returned to you and your heart filling with love. Allow the vibration of this to motivate you to action your love and participate in the world.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from CS Lewis:
“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one”


This Libran new moon ritual is to help those of you who are feeling lost and needing direction.

Create a sacred space by lighting some incense and candles, and put on some ambient music if that will help you to relax. Sit comfortably either on the floor, or a chair, and breathe deeply. As you draw in the inbreath imagine you are drawing up all the fear, anxiety and tension up into your lungs, and as you exhale imagine it leaving your body. Do this three times. Allow all the stress to ebb out of your body by focusing on the body sensations, and becoming the observer of your thoughts until you feel relaxed and at peace.

Bring yourself back to the present moment and imagine a warm, calming, peaceful energy flowing down from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes, relaxing your body.

Give yourself permission to hear the truth and allow what you are really feeling to be heard. Be clear why you are doing the ritual and the purpose for it. Thank yourself for giving yourself the time and space to do this ritual and for any answers and clarity you will receive.

With your eyes closed bring your attention to your solar plexus chakra, the place just above the navel and imagine a white/golden light beginning to glow from the centre. This is your power place, the place of creation. Allow the energy and light to increase in power until you are consumed by this golden energy..

Now ask yourself this question:

Who am I ?
The first thoughts that you have is the deepest part of yourself coming through and the one that is not restricted by all the conditioning, patterns, behaviours and expectations that are limiting us from stepping into our power. Many of us are also restricted by guilt and the feeling that we are not good enough to be powerful beings. By going into the silence and asking this question we move into a heart-centred space rather than an ego centred space, where the real truth lies. 

Take a pen and write what has come into your mind, however crazy, mad or egotistical it may seem to the rational mind. Write it down before the ego gets in the way and makes you feel stupid. Write it down because it is who you truly are, and when you see it in writing it will resonate from a deep level.

Now ask these questions – or any others that you may have:

What is my purpose?

Am I fulfilling my life purpose?

What is holding me back from fulfilling my purpose?

What do I need to do in order to fulfill my purpose?

What can I do to make my dreams a reality?

Write down all the things that came up for you. Don’t judge or criticise, just allow your pen to write everything that you are feeling. Really allow yourself to entertain any ideas or thoughts that come into your head without judgement. The less we judge ourselves the easier it is to hear our inner voice. We all have the answers deep inside and sometimes it can take a while before we are able to consciously hear it and accept it. However, by asking these questions we begin to connect with our deepest desires, enabling us to finally start making changes so that we can experience real harmony and happiness in our lives.

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