Letters From Your Soul: On Learning To Deal With Unkind People

Anger2by Luminita D. Saviuc via Purpose Fairy

Dear one,

As you go through life, you will face many challenges and you will encounter many unkind people who will say mean and nasty things to you, and about you; unkind people who will betray, disappoint, and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. And when all these things will be done unto you, I want to remember who you truly are underneath it all. And I want you to treat all these unkind people with the love and compassion, you deep down inside know, they truly deserve.

You, dear one, are made of love, and made to love. And even though when all these unkind people will act in ways that seem cruel and unhealthy to you, your mind will try to convince you to fight fire with fire, I want you to ignore those thoughts. And I want you to give them your love and compassion instead.

Seek not to be influenced by your thoughts, nor judge after appearances. Know that people express that which they, as people, are conscious of being. And if they behave in unkind and toxic ways, that’s only because they can no longer hear the voice of their heart, and the wisdom of their Soul. They are in total darkness and they think, speak and act from that exact same place. But you aren’t! 

Since you are one of those rare individuals who are walking in Truth, Love, and Light, and since you can still remember the truth of who you are, you can help rekindle the fire of love in their hearts by simply being true to yourself.

No matter what people might say to you, and about you, and no matter how cruel and unkind they might act toward you, never allow their words, actions and behaviors to poison you. Never allow their darkness to become your own. 

Don’t allow the darkness of the world to swallow you and make you forget about the everlasting Love and Light that’s present within you. Don’t allow this cruel and wicked world to poison your pure heart and loving Soul.

Remain centered amid all of this chaos, and allow me, your Soul to lead the way. Allow me to speak the Truth, and to always act from a place of Love and Light. 

Be an example for the world.

Be a source of Light.

Fight darkness with Light, hate with Love, and anger with Compassion. Help them remember the place all Souls originate from. And show them the way back to Light, back to Love, and back to Themselves.

With all my love,




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