What I Learned From A 26 Hours Dark Fast

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First let me define a dark fast, a dark fast is complete darkness, no communication and no food. This was something I decided to challenge myself with recently and here are my findings.

Warning: I don’t know the effects that a dark fast has on the mind, body and/or spirit. I am not promoting this as something you should do, just sharing my experience.

I am currently speaking to you from the Peruvian jungle town of Iquitos, I am on a 3 month trip of self discovery and experimentation. I currently have no schedule, apart from to write daily, so it has given me the flexibility to really go in and learn about myself. Yesterday morning I woke up, but didn’t really open my eyes, this gave me the idea of spending the whole day this way. So I decided to do so here are some of my findings:

I Didn’t Fall Asleep

I spent the majority of the time in bed and thought that perhaps I would spend some of the time sleeping, however this was not the case, I was wide awake and alert for most of the time.

I Had Strong Visuals

There were a few times in which I slipped into a deeper state of mind, most of the experience was pretty meditative, however there was a few special moments of geometrical and beautiful imagery.

I Visited All My Unfinished Business

I really started to see how many things I have in my life that are unfinished. Many projects, tasks, conversations and agreement are pretty open in my life. This got me thinking, the whole time things are open you never have any real closure. Maybe incompletion leads to an overactive mind in some cases, as you can never escape that which is unfinished.

Getting Around Was Okay

I meditated 3 times while in this dark fast, meaning I sat up with correct posture. The third time I done this, I finished and leaned to the right and nearly fell off the bed. Apart from this, going to the toilet, getting my water to drink and moving around was okay.

I Didn’t Get Bored

I expected a little boredom may set in, however it did not. I had some moments of complete silence, but this was also surrounded by moments of clarity and breakthroughs. It was challenging, but I didn’t find I was bored.

I Didn’t Get Hungry

The longest partial fast I have done is 7 days. I have also done a pure water fast for 4 days. I was always most hungry on day 1. With the dark fast I thought of food a few times, but didn’t really feel hungry.

Insomnia Then Kicked In

The worse part about the experience was at night, I expected after 26 hours with my eyes closed I may feel a little tired, but the opposite happened, I could not sleep and it was actually quite a frantic feeling. I decided to then open my eyes and return to reality. That night after months of mostly great nights of sleep I had the worse insomnia. This lead to what I like to call- a moment of temporary insanity, as it took me out of my normally relaxed state and made me feel very uncomfortable.

I Saw Through My 3rd Eye

I am not asking you to believe this part, just sharing my experience- The second time I sat in meditation I looked down (with eyes shut) and could see my legs. I closed my eyes tightly and they disappeared. Then reappeared again as I relaxed my face. After a few times doing this I could see my legs with my eyes closed really tight- through what felt like my third eye which is central to the forehead just above the eyebrows. When I looked around, certain parts of the room stood out very faintly.

After my insomnia I finally got some sleep, waking up multiple times in the night. The next day after my temporary insanity I got up early feeling sluggish- but some food and a smoothie, I felt great.

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