Why The Law Of Attraction Is Complete BS

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

The law of attraction has gained huge notoriety for being the go to visualisation technique for manifesting all that our hearts desire. The problem is if you believe in the law of attraction, there are other laws that derive from the same place which if ignored can end up resulting in less than desirable results.

The problem with the law of attraction and the way it has been glamorized, is the fact that it seems to have such a heavy emphasis on material gain, despite the fact that when these laws were written we didn’t have the material mindset we do now.

The law of attraction in a nutshell is the law of cause and effect being used in the spiritual realm to manifest what you desire in the physical realm. But the law of cause and effect does not end with one action, it ripples infinitely, so you have to take into account the damage that can happen karmically if you abuse such laws.

According to hermetic doctrine, from which the law of attraction is derived we have 7 principles-

  1. All is mind
  2. The law of correspondence
  3. The law of vibration
  4. The law of polarity
  5. The law of rhythm
  6. The law of cause and effect
  7. The law of gender  

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To use one law while ignoring the others is going to lead you down a dangerous rabbit hole, and if you are doing so in order to gain a luxury life you will be doing so at the expense of others.  

My understanding of walking the path- is that we do so in order to be in service of others, while keeping the damage (footprint) to a minimum. I understand that not every person can be pleased, and we all hurt people in some way. However, if we are taking more than we should and/or overcharging people for services in order to gain a life of luxury, then this goes against the very principles that are being taught.

The law of attraction is real and can be used to manifest, but should be used with extreme caution and an understanding of the bigger picture of corresponding laws. Once you are tuned into a higher sense of your purpose it will work in an autonomous manner, with the things you need always being provided at the perfect time, to create the lifestyle you need to sustain your purpose.

Meditation and other spiritual practice are great for finding your purpose, then visualisation is great for staying motivated and setting goals to work towards that purpose. Once you are vibrating at the frequency of your highest purpose- the attraction part just happens without effort.

Follow the synchronicity, jump when the opportunity presents itself and don’t buy into the hype that you need material wealth to be happy. Security comes in many forms, one being able to live with the skills at your fingertips, without feeling you need to own everything to be comfortable. Honesty (with others and yourself), love, adventure, growth and something to make you happy- this all you need!

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