Kind Guys Are Handing Out Free Masks In California, People Refuse To Take And Wear It

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Covid-19 is still a very novel virus and so, there is a lot of research that is going on with it. However, during the spread of this deadly virus, one of the important precautions that was circulated worldwide was that people should be wearing face masks. 

face masks

You might wonder why face masks are important.


Well, if we look into the CDC website, then you will find out that face masks are useful not only for you but also to prevent you from spreading the disease to others. You might have Covid-19, even if you are not sick or you feel like you have just the occasional cold. However, wearing face masks can help prevent that disease from spreading to other people through droplets. These droplets are generally produced from your mouth or nose. Social distancing is essential to prevent the virus from spreading – you need to maintain a 6-feet distance from others. However, there might be places, like the market, where keeping this 6-feet distance may not be possible at all times. Wearing facemasks is essential hence.


YouTubers To The Rescue

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Orange County natives Chad Kroeger and JT Parr, hosts of the Chad Goes Deep podcast, showed up on the Huntington beach. These kind YouTubers believed that many may not be getting access to masks and so, they went to the beach to deliver free masks. Shockingly enough, people did not want to take the free masks! According to many, masks were like a muzzle, taking away their freedom. They want to breathe freely. So, they did not want to get even free masks. Some of them even took it as a personal affront and became quite aggressive. 

The CDC has repeatedly mentioned the importance of face masks during this pandemic. It has been proven that respiratory droplets are the reason why the virus spreads from one person to another. Hence, a cloth barrier is a simple barrier that can catch these respiratory droplets and not let them get into the air. Of course, as mentioned, it is a simple barrier. It is by no means a complete barrier to the virus. However, it can significantly lower the spreading of the Covid-19 virus. To make it more failsafe, the authorities have suggested that we should be socially-distancing as well. That means keep a 6-feet distance from other people when out in public. Needless to say, just the palm or the inside of your elbow is not a good barrier against this virus.

CDC Guidelines For Face Masks

For the general public, people who are above 2 years of age and are in the public or in an area with outsiders and who cannot maintain social-distancing should wear it. It is essential for all people to wear face masks when outside. Asymptomatic people are also capable of transferring the disease – you may not be aware if you are a carrier of the virus or not. 

If you are someone who is sick, then you should not enter public spaces, and you should be wearing face masks, even in your home. You should keep yourself isolated from other family members in your own home as well. 

The CDC advises that a few people should not be wearing masks. These are children lower than 2 years of age, people with breathing issues, and people who are unconscious or incapacitated. Adaptations can be made in special conditions. For example, people who are hard of hearing or deaf and who rely on lip-reading may require communicators to not wear face masks for proper communication. People with mental conditions or disabilities may not wear face masks if it can trigger them. 


If you are in an activity where the face mask can get wet and can suffocate you, you can remove it. Running or high-intensity activities where you need constant breathing may require you to remove the face mask. Also, it is essential that you do not buy N95 respirators or surgical masks as they are reserved for medical care providers and are in short supply.

However, none of these conditions seem to match with the people who are on the beach. It seems like they are careless, ignorant, or quite polarized to take the aid of masks. Wearing face masks is essential and it is disappointing to see so many citizens take this issue so lightly.

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