The Key to Your Success Is In Your Fear

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By Andrea Schulman via Raise Your Vibration Today

Have you found the key to your success yet, or are you still floundering to get where you want to be?

Have no “fear.” As it turns out, your “fear” holds the key to your success!

Fear cripples many people. It keeps them from taking chances, and it keeps them from being honest with themselves and others.

Avoiding fear is the primary reason people fail to reach their dreams. Success is in the fear, not outside of it.

Facing fears as a life strategy.

Now, although it’s more comfortable to work around our fears, facing them is a much more effective life strategy.

Fear is usually just an indication there is something you want to do that you are avoiding. Instead of running toward your dream, when we listen to our fears we hold back, clinging to irrational beliefs and limiting patterns of thought.

When we start facing our fears (rather than running from them or pretending they aren’t there), we learn BIG things about ourselves. We learn about our strength and our resolve. We learn how to let go of negative thoughts and expectations about ourselves and the world.

Even better, when we choose to face our fears, we learn that they are often irrational and a complete waste of our time. Then, we tap into the unlimited, fearless power that allows us to really go after the things we want in life.

You wouldn’t be reading this if I hadn’t faced some important fears in life.

To me, Raise Your Vibration Today represents many fears I’ve faced that used to control my life.

For example, there was a time when I wouldn’t dare share my beliefs about the Law of Attraction and spirituality, for fear of ridicule. So I was quiet about what I believed and very few people knew much about what I thought.

There was also a time when I wouldn’t dare write a blog or post videos of myself for fear of rejection. So I stayed in a “socially acceptable” career that didn’t truly represent who I was and didn’t allow me to be myself.

However, in facing these fears, and choosing to take a chance anyways, I learned that these were illusory limitations that were holding me back.

Now, these fears are no longer relevant in my life, and I speak freely. The fear of rejection and ridicule no longer dictates how I attack my website, my blog, my business or my personal life. I realize that these worries, in the end, only existed in my own mind.

Through facing these fears I’ve learned there just isn’t anyone out there who has the power to hurt me with rejection or ridicule when I stand in my own power. It was a life-changing lesson, and it only cost a little courage to receive it.

Anything that scares you has a powerful lesson for you when you face it.

Now, if something really scares me, I’ve learned it’s best just to do it anyway. Rip the bandaid off and jump in.

You may swim, or you may sink, but you’ll learn that there was nothing to fear in the end and you’ll be proud of yourself for taking a chance on you.

Living for days or decades paralyzed by irrational fear is a far worse fate than taking a chance and falling down. Creating this business has taught me I’d rather fall down every day of my life than be afraid to take a leap.

Analyze your fear and demystify it.

Now, before taking the leap, it can be helpful to analyze your fear a little bit.  Get to know it. Understand why it’s there. This understanding helps demystify your fear and helps you see clearly the limitations you are imposing on yourself.

After some thoughtful contemplation, you’ll start to see that all of the fears are just insecurities and limitations you don’t really believe in.

After all, deep down you KNOW how powerful you are. So ask yourself, why does this scare me so much?

The powerful you will know what to do with the information you uncover. You just have to be willing to face the fear and ask the question.

If there’s something you want to do in life, and you feel like you are holding back, be willing to confront your fear. Ask it why it’s there. Once you really understand your fear, you’ll be ready to tackle it head on.

Fear is just a bad dream.

On a side note, there is a lesson I learned about lucid dreaming that I believe relates very strongly to this idea of facing your fears.

For those who don’t know about lucid dreaming, it is essentially learning to become “awake” and fully conscious in your dream state. There are many techniques to help you learn how to do this, and my favorite was the book “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” by Stephen LaBerge.

In this book, LaBerge mentions that lucid dreaming can be effective in overcoming nightmares. He says, that when you are in a lucid dreaming state, the best course of action for nightmares is simply to walk up to the nightmare, and ask it why it is there and then ask it to leave.

Then, miraculously, it does.

I know that this strategy works, because I actually used this technique several times in my dreams to overcome scary figures and issues in my subconscious. Today, I almost never have a nightmare. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a bad dream.

I think the same effect holds true in our waking state as it does in our dream state. It is our fear that fuels fearful situations. When we choose to face our fears, we step into something bigger, a part of us that knows that all is well, and that knows that we are indeed the creators of our own reality.

Fears are internal creations.

Anything fearful in our reality is simply a projection of the fears we hold inside. By facing those fears, we give ourselves the opportunity to unmask them as the illusions they really are.

So, if you are wanting to take a step forward toward your dream, be willing to face those fears! Remind yourself that they are simply figments of your imagination and step up to the plate.

Tell people how you really feel. Take the mask off and be the real you. Jump off the ledge on a leap of faith.

Get more comfortable with the idea of staring your fears down, rather than running from them. After all, they’re illusions created from your own mind, and nothing more.

The key to your success lies in within your fears. Face them, and move forward into your pleasant dreams!

XO, Andrea

(Law of Attraction Educator)

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