Is Money The Root Of All Evil

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Money as a stand alone is a great idea and tool, but somewhere along the road it has deviated from its original purpose as a means for trade and become a control mechanism.

While money on its own is not inherently evil, its presence creates many problems. We have wars that are fought for resources, which ultimately lead to more money through participation and the collection of materials gained through war. Money (or lack of money) creates global poverty, but could also eradicate it. And financial institutes automatically put interest on money which leads to a debt which can never be paid back.

Many suffer due to money, and few ever really feel like they have enough and while it is ultimately the mindset surrounding money which causes the suffering, its presence definitely encourages this mindset. These are some of the ideas explored in this short movie which asks the question- Is money the root of all evil?

Image Credit: artoleshko / 123RF Stock Photo

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