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Every once in a while you have an experience that has a significant impact on your life. Don’t get me wrong, once you go down the rabbit hole miracles happen every day, but for me, I had an extra special experience this weekend just passed.

I have to be honest I was a little apprehensive, I am introverted, a little shy and dancing around in a room full of strangers is something I haven’t done in over 5 years and when I did I was loaded up with alcohol. But with that apprehension I was also a little excited to see what the night ahead had to offer.

The event I am talking about is called We Are One and it is what is now being called conscious raving. This is a spiritual rave, which makes a point of being a no alcohol or drugs area. Although there was cacao (pure chocolate) which really helps you to spread the love!

It all started of with a large group meditation, which connected everyone and really set the tone for the night ahead. It was then into music and dancing for a few hours, which was when the magic started to happen, as the energy was so electric it was hard not to be inspired.

The collective energy in the room was something that I have never experienced on a night out, I think the no alcohol had something to do with this as alcohol disconnects us from our true selves and can often make us behave in ways we would not normally. I think this is why it is so popular in the western world, it works as an escape from reality and allows you to be someone else for a night. If you are not comfortable being yourself then this obviously seems like a great thing. So it was really a breath of fresh air, to connect with people genuinely and meet the real versions of them!

After dancing there was a whole lot of love flying around with random hugs and compliments. Then a group relaxation where everyone sprawled out on mats on the floor where there was a lot more love, hugs and compliments flying about.

We then finished up with an open mic which was my favorite part of the night. The level of talent there was just amazing and I even jumped up and shared some poetry I wrote, which you can watch here-

Some of what I done on the open mic last night, awesome vibes and awesome people!

Posted by Luke Miller on Sunday, February 21, 2016

So all in all conscious raving was a big hit for me and it seemed to be a big hit for everyone else in the room, one of the most spiritually connecting things I have done in my life and I met some really amazing people !

If you are local to London and would like to check out what all the buzz is about, you can find more info here. If not I would recommend you take a look and see if there is anything similar in your area. And if you are feeling like a big adventure and you are not local, fly down, take a holiday, come and have the experience of a lifetime, as we are all one! So we may as well enjoy the ride!

I will be at the next one on the 19th of March, I hope to see you down there! Much love Luke

Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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