How To Embrace The Long Dark Road Of Self-Discovery


by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Life is a beautiful thing, full with it’s ups and downs and everything that comes in between. When you start to search within, challenge the status quo and ask questions of yourself and the world around you, you become part of a small group of people who are willing to step out of the box and be different.

It is an amazing way to live, but at times it can feel like you are bordering between the lines of insanity and nirvana. Switching between loneliness on your own solitary journey and this deep feeling of connection with everyone around you. It is a strange paradoxical way of living that seems to bring out 2 ends of the spectrum in many areas of life, sometimes almost simultaneously.

So why do we do this? Why don’t we just accept the scripted reality? Put on a suit and tie and join the normal club? Go to weddings and parties and talk about the weather? Or join a local bowls club and just fit in with the world?

Because we know that there is more to life! There is something out there that is significant. We know we may never find it. But we also know that is not going to stop us from looking. Maybe the adventure is in looking. Maybe we need to go on a big massive adventure to realise that simplicity is the key to the fulfilment that we seek. But whatever it is that we are looking for, we will not stop and if we do, that is the moment we will slowly start to die inside.

Psychedelics, meditation, seeking of knowledge and mentors. The giving up of our free time just so that we can move one step closer to what we seek. The sleepless nights. The constant questioning of ourselves. And the search, all in the name of getting closer to the answers of what life really is.

I have came across a lot of things in my personal journey and feel like I am part of the way to finding this elusive thing that we are searching for. But I could also be very wrong. My conclusion is that we need the confusion, we need the search, we need to go so deep down the rabbit hole that we get lost, we need to lose touch with reality and live in a temporary state of hysteria for a while just so we learn to feel the full range of emotions.

I believe that a lot of what are considered to be mental health issues, are actually just a sain reaction to the insane world before us and should we embrace and get to know these darker sides of life we will be far closer to understanding humanity.

Here are 3 more things I have found help on the journey of self discovery.


As I have said before, I do not have all the answers, but I do believe one of the keys to a happy fulfilling life is acceptance. Accepting where you are now. Accepting that you cannot control others. Accepting that some days, you will not want to do life, but at the same time not feeling bad about that fact. Accepting you will have your heart broken in many ways. Accepting that people will let you down. And accepting that life is pretty confusing a hell of lot of the time.


One of the other things to do is to embrace the opportunities that life puts in front of you. If you have an opportunity, go for it. Ask questions, embrace rejection, because if you want something big, life/people will ask you how bad you want it. When you wake up and you feel like an absolute boss, embrace that, go out take risks and just live your life to the fullest because this moment will never happen again. Don’t live in fear of what could have been, find out what is and if it is painful to get them answers, that is just what life has in store for you in this present moment.

But at the same time embrace the moments of quiet. Embrace the moments when you feel reflective. Don’t always try to force a state of mind that you are not in and embrace the darkness when it arrives. All states serve a different purpose, so embrace them!

Getting Out Your Own Way

Lastly, get out of your own way, life will lead you if you let it. Don’t go against your instincts. They may lead you wrong sometimes, but ultimately there is no better way to live than being guided by your intuition. We can overanalyze and complicate things a hell of a lot, but usually the best thing to do is get out of your own way and go with what you feel. If you want to do something, look for 1 good reason to say yes to it and go with it.


Ultimately your journey is your own individual path. It will be scattered with confusion, heartbreak and suffering. But also with love, connection and satisfaction. If you can accept life, embrace life and get out of your own way, then you will go a long way in finding that thing we are all searching for deep down inside. Try to keep it as simple as you can!!! Much love, Luke

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Luke Miller is the editor at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to use the fundamental laws of nature to help you create more happiness, satisfaction, joy, freedom and bliss within your world. You Can Join Him For His Latest Free Course “Tuning Into The Natural Laws Of The Universe” By Clicking Here.

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