How To Balance Your Emotions, Sex & Desire Though Your Water Chakra

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by Luke Miller Truth Theory

The water chakra (your second chakra) is located in the lower abdomen, just below your belly button.  This chakras role is one of desire and all things related to desire be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

How to balance this chakra-

As this chakra relates to your need for desire, you need to make sure your desires are met.

But the first step in this is to regulate your emotions. Extreme desires be them sexual, material or other sensual desires come from a lack of emotional regulation.

To fulfil every desire as and when it comes up could be quite dangerous, so emotional regulation is a good start. For this I have a simple exercise called emotional verbalisation.

The goal here is to bring awareness to your emotions by using an exercise which verbalizes them. So if you feel angry you will say the word angry. If you feel sad you will the word sad.

It does not just have to be your negative emotions, if you feel happy verbalise it. If you feel joy say to yourself joy.

Because we mostly think on an unconscious level this simple exercise will bring awareness to how you are feeling on a conscious level. When you process your thoughts consciously it gives the brain a chance to rationalise them and regulate them.

When you start to do this you will have some big revelations, as you work backwards from your negative emotions you will realise at times they are irrational and at other times you will see the real reason you are upset.

When you shut your finger in the door and proceed to smash a table into pieces, shutting your finger in the door is not the cause of your anger, but the trigger. When you start to move past these triggers you might just realise what is causing these issues and once you are aware it is a lot easier to process.

The same works for the good emotions, find the route of what makes you happy and as you start to uncover these things simply do more of them!

Also try to surround yourself with water, be it having long baths, going swimming or walking by lakes or the sea try to surround yourself with lots of water.

The main demon we face in this chakra is that of guilt, so when working in this Chakra it is important that when feeling guilty about a situation where you shouldn’t, you try to face it head on.

Chakra Needs/Inner state-

To help this chakra function on a normal level you will need to be emotionally balanced and be strongly in touch with your feelings. This will include being able to understand your full range of emotions (not just the positive ones) and being able to have these feelings when needed without being attached to them.


The rights associated with this chakra are your right to feel and feel fully without judgement of yourself.


The sense in this chakra is the taste sense as taste is closely related to desire.


The colour related to the water chakra is orange so when focusing on this chakra try to surround yourself with as much orange as possible. Wear orange clothes, have orange bed sheets, just try and focus on orange.


Foods like-





Sweet potatoes




Orange Peppers

Are all great and as this is your water chakra make sure you drink plenty of water.

6 Benefit of a balanced water chakra

  • Control over your desires
  • A healthy libido
  • Good regulations of your emotions
  • Increase in confidence
  • More intimacy
  • Passion for life

Indications you have an imbalance in your root chakra

  • Emotional disconnection
  • Addiction
  • Excessive guilt
  • Sexual problems (male or female)
  • Denying yourself of things you enjoy
  • Urinary problems
  • Lower back problems


As with all the other chakras meditation plays a key part in balancing this chakra. So try to take time out for 5-10 minutes of meditation a day, while focusing your energy on this chakra.

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