The Grand Illusion Of Our Artificial Society


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

When you look at the world around you, most of what we are conditioned to believe is life, is actually artificially constructed.

We have our fundamental needs that are very real which start with the simple act of breathing, our need for water, to eat, to love and be loved, to survive and reproduce, but when you step outside of these areas, all that is left is the artificially constructed matrix that we could very well live without.

When you look at what we call society, a lot of it is built around insecurity, then many more layers are placed upon that insecurity being exploited, creating an industry. For example, we have make up- a mask that many women hide behind due to insecurity. This needs to be thought up, created, packaged, manufactured, sold, imported, exported, shops/websites built to house this construction. Then staff are hired to sell this makeup in stores, and this whole industry is built upon the fact that many women feel their faces are not beautiful enough without makeup.

This is one of many examples- clothes, electrical devices, gym memberships and just about everything you see when you enter a shopping centre is the artificial construct of someone’s ideas. This is not to say that they are all in some way a bad thing, but that they are ultimately unnecessary.

It could be argued that these artificial constructs create jobs and that perhaps this is a good thing?  But what is a job doing? For the most part it is giving you money (another artificial construct) to participate in the system that is mostly artificial, creating a cycle of relying on the system to participate in the system, that most people don’t actually want to participate in.

Where is the big crime to humanity here? I think it lays in the fact that the things that are very real are commodified are jepordised for the building of that which is not real, creating a real imbalance in the world.

Our air supply is poisoned, largely in part by our constant need to travel to and from work, which for the most part is to work on things unnecessary for the development of humanity.

Our water is fluoridated (in some places), filled with contaminants, big companies are allowed to drill for oil and fracking has made drinking water toxic in areas where it takes place.

Our food is highly processed, genetically modified, sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals which not only make the food toxic, but also destroys the environment.

There are a very small amount of people who own almost everything, all the buildings, the houses and the commodities of the planet are owned by small groups, because they were born from a certain family. Then we (as a collective) are made to work for these people like slaves to support their unquenching thirst for more. Shelter is a human need for survival, yet most of us have to work a lifetime to afford this luxury. Why? Why do we allow this small group to dominate our resources in this way?

So the question is- what is the solution? We are currently consuming at a rate that is unsustainable, we are literally in a position where if we continue to consume in this, we will pass a point of no return and our planet will become uninhabitable.

So there is not just a want for things to change, but a very real need! So hypothetically, if we all leave our jobs, stop consuming (at such a high rate) based on wants, claim our land back from those who own everything, grow our own food, cleanse our environment, work based on our love for what we do and create a world in which we co inhabit the planet as cooperative and loving human beings, maybe we can work towards a better society for all.

Seems like a big dream, but me and a small team are currently working on an idea at the moment in which on a small scale we can create this kind of environment outside of the box society places us in. I can’t reveal the full details yet as it is still a work in progress but I wanted to put this out to see if there is any interest from you. Geographical location is not important. If this sounds like the kind of thing you would like to know more about please email


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