Google’s Colourful Secret About Motivation

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I think we can all agree that Google are a pretty smart company. Not only do they own the world’s largest and smartest search engine and the world’s largest video sharing site, they are also pretty intelligent when it comes to their workplace.

One of the things Google does at their workplace is to test variations of colour to see how it affects their staff.

So, if Google the most sort after workplace and arguable the smartest company in the world know that colour is a major factor in health and motivation, why would you be laughed out of your doctor’s office if you asked for a prescription of colour?

Quantum physics states that as you break down the matter of the human body and go deeper into the workings of the atoms, you will see that there is nothing there but waves of energy.

And according to the research done by Heart Math we can now measure these frequencies of energy depending on your state of mind.

Now, did you know that each colour has its own frequency? A frequency which is now scientifically measurable?

This means that colours (not just from a theoretical point of view, but a scientific one) can have an impact on your all round health.

You can be affected by different colours the natural foods you eat, the clothes you wear, coloured glass, coloured lights etc. Basically exposing yourself to the colours which have the properties you seek as much as possible. But doing so without neglecting the entire spectrum.


Red helps to boosts our energy levels and motivates us into action. It also relates to physical desire for sexual activity, for food and other craving. Red is also the colour of passion both in the positive and negative sense. Positive would be love and negative would be anger and hate.


Orange is closely related to risk taking and promotes confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. Orange also encourages friendship and communication and is a good colour for socializing.

It is also the colour for moving on from negative life events and will help you when you need to get over a hurdle in life. Orange is a stimulating colour and can stimulate your appetite, so do not expose yourself to it too much if you are surrounded by foods lacking in good nutrition.


Yellow is a happy and uplifting colour and is great for creating more optimism in your life. Yellow also stimulates your mind and is good for logical thinking. Yellow is great for inspiring new ideas and patterns of thought. Yellow is a non-emotional colour and over exposure can make you over critical and cause anxiety.


Green is a balancing colour and helps us to steady our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies. Green is also an optimistic colour and represents hope and growth. Green is rejuvenating and will assist us in seeing things from a logical perspective & is also related to envy and possessiveness.


Blue is the colour of communication and self-expression. It is representative of honesty, intellect and authority. The colour blue is a calm and peaceful colour and gives us a feeling of safety, but can also promote rigidity and stubbornness.


Indigo gives us access to our inner Intuition and is linked to spiritual development, your vision and awareness. Indigo helps you to maintain structure and is great when you are trying to develop new habits. Indigo is a deep colour and is great for meditation, but over exposure can leave you feeling spaced out. Indigo can also promote addiction.


Violet is an extremely positive colour and is representative of the deepest levels of spirituality. Violet can promote individuality, creativity, imagination and inspiration. This colour is great if you need to create something new or come up with ideas. The negative aspect of violet is it can unground you and cloud your vision of reality.

So take note of the colours of your walls, the colours of your clothes and all of the colours you are exposed to on a daily basis as they may well be affecting you more than you think.

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