A Global Call To Action For All People To Unify Against Oppression


By Luke Miller via Conscious Media Coalition

For the 3rd time over the last few weeks I find myself writing the words, “I think this is the most important article I have ever written” and  again it is true. Around the globe , people are speaking out, and the “powers” that used to have such a dominant grip are slowly starting to lose their dominance through courageous voices saying “enough is enough”

The current crisis with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation “protecting”  their water and way of life has brought together many different people of different races, belief systems and geographic locations. This “cause” has inspired  worldwide support (including over 100 First Nations tribes joining the Sioux.) Over 11,000 war veterans have volunteered to stand as a human shields to protect their rights and a huge level of support pouring from alternative media.

However this illuminates a larger issue OPPRESSION and there is now a global revolution that is spreading the world for many different causes.

A few examples:

In South Korea 1 million people have just marched demanding their president’s resignation, due to alleged corruption within the South Korean government.

More than 20 per cent of Australian parliamentarians have joined a call for Israel to end the abuse of Palestinian children at the hands of its military.

Not only that, but people of all faiths in Israel/Palestine have joined together to protest the conflict long standing conflict between the Palestinian and Israeli people.

Shaun King a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matters movement has called for global boycotts for those directly and indirectly supporting police brutality.

Although it has been a slow process the 10,000 displaced refugees he “Calais Jungle” (a recently dismantled refugee centre in France) have started to be homed with the Dubs Now movement.

To my knowledge the biggest global issue (which is still going on as we speak is the war in Syria. Since the war in Syria broke out in 2011 it is estimated that 470,000 people have died with the total rising daily. A further 1.5 million have been wounded which totals 11.5% of the population of Syria being killed or injured. Currently we have 4.7 million Syrian refugees in surrounding countries with more than 13.5 million who still need our help.

These are just a few examples, and the tip of a very big iceberg of global events and movements that are happening in which a common opposition stands against inequality. That opposition is the power structure that empowers the oppression of the global population.

To stand in solidarity not only with the Standing Rock Sioux nation but to support this vital global tipping point, we have created a coalition for ALL to UNITE in support of social justice, environmental solutions and equality for every human on this planet. We are also creating a move to raise journalistic standards, create truthful content and positive solution based “Conscious” media. As well as, a social media community for like -minded change makers to gather and collaborate and effect positive planetary transformation …

We are calling for all positive and truthful media and all peaceful movements around the globe to unify into one global movement against Oppression. We have volunteered our time and resources as a supportive hub, portal community and resource for those of us who care about human kindness, equality, and to avoid the environmental crisis our planet is heading towards.

We are volunteers, donation based, community focused and FREE to join. Our aim to eradicate OPPRESSION in all it’s forms.

Watch the video below for more information on how you can get involved.


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Video Script To Record:

We are living at one of the most important moments in human history. A shift in the polarity of power is happening that affects you, your loved ones and every other member of the human race.

Today we see wars in the Middle East, black people struggling against violence in America and Indigenous people threatened by an oil pipeline at Standing Rock. While these crises may appear unrelated, they are all symptoms of the same power imbalance.

We cannot fight them all separately. Only by all of us coming together, as one, and taking unified action.

In 1954, Roger Bannister ran a 4 minute mile, something that at the time was thought to be impossible. Just 46 days later someone broke his record. To this day 4518 people have run a mile in under 4 minutes. If we can win at standing rock, everyone will see the possibilities, the possibilities of what we can achieve, as one, with peaceful action. This is not just about standing rock, this is about setting a precedent for justice and equality everywhere and creating a future together.

We have founded a new movement called The Conscious Media Coalition – We are inviting Anonymous, Wikileaks, RT, Al Jazeera and anyone else who wants to represent honest reporting, and honest solutions, to join our movement.

We are inviting all social movements focused on power imbalance and injustice to put aside any differences we have and come together, as the Indigenous people of the Americas have unified at Standing Rock. This includes Black Lives Matter, the LGBT community and all peace movements……. Occupied, Environmental groups, and the many refugee crisis groups.

In the comments section below is a list of banks who’re funding the dakota access pipeline. We are calling on every business and every individual, if you have an account with these banks, Tweet them, email them and boycott them until they remove their funding for the pipeline.

We are calling on the poets, the musicians, the messengers. Those who receive their messages from the source and can share a message in this time when we need to hear it, people listen to you, this is the time to share that message. You are the vocal revolutionaries.

We are calling on the world leaders: the Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, President Obama and anyone else who believes that we deserve equality. You have been gifted a platform, you are the stewards of this planet. You must stand in solidarity with the people you serve and not those that oppress us.

We are calling on the oil companies, the banks and the police force. Let’s open a dialog, resolve this issue fairly and work in unity to protect and strengthen our planet. If the destruction of our eco system continues at this rate our grandchildren will be lucky to have children of their own.

Or just a simple call to action video with the hashtag #ConsciousMediaCoalition

  • Stop Global Oppression
  • Say No to the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Spend Ethically
  • Demand for Truth in Media
  • Demand Equality
  • We are Steward of the Earth
  • Or any message you feel supports your cause

3. Take a look at this list (which we will be adding to) of banks and corporations that support the pipeline. If anyone has a positive movement and has a verified list of corporations supporting it, get in touch and share it.

4. Join our GeoSocial Network for Conscious Changemakers and encourage others to do the same. Click the “join” button at the top of this page and connect with others in your area to form local action groups.

5. If you represent and independent media organisation and would like to join the coalition, feel free to reach out to us. Please email info@consciousmediacoalition.com

Much love to you all, and stay peaceful

P.S. You see how the word revolution has the word love in reverse, but also the start of the word (evol)ve meaning we need a loving revolution to compete our evolution!

P.P.S. You are free to republish this article anywhere, and share the video anywhere, just please keep all links intact.










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