Geomagnetic Spikes, The Eclipse And The 18 Day Period Of Transformation We Are Currently In

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This month has been full of geomagnetic, astrological and numerological events that have resulted in an intense and energetically hectic time. In this article I wanted to outline this 18 day period that is peaking now with the eclipse, what it means in terms of global events and how you can use this energy to move your ideas forward.

The end of July and the start of this month kicked off with intense geomagnetic activity which reached a 15 month + peak, spikes in the geomagnetic field are thought to influence natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and human initiated events such as- riots, social unrest and terror attacks- which have all happened since this spike.

Solar activity has not only had negative affects of society, but has also been associated with collective growth and development such as architectural, artistic and scientific breakthroughs, as well as positive social change.

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The number code for this month is 888 and this will be the only time this numerological event happens until 08/08/2026. This 18 day period started with the 8/8/17 1+7 is 8 so 888 add 8/8/2017 and you get 26 2+6=8 just to solidify this massive portal for infinite transformation, this day places emphasis on the mind and working on the infinite mind. The second date is 17/08/17 again 1+7=8 so 888, with this day placing more emphasis on the infinite potential of the body. The final day is 26/08/17 again 888 and represents the infinite spirit. This period is an 18 day period- 1 in this case is the self and 8 is infinity, meaning bringing the infinite nature into yourself.

8 represents infinity due to its shape and also represents the balance of life cycles. If you think of zero as life cycles (predominantly a feminine number) the 8 is like 2 zeros on top of one another, bringing in the masculine counterpart.

Partial Eclipse And Full Moon

Preceding this day was the full moon and partial eclipse on the 7th full moons are always a powerful portal for transformation, but this full moon was in Leo which is the lion. If you think of the partial eclipse and the lion as a metaphor you can interpret the energies of this moment.

The small part of the moon that is being covered represents an idea that is being concealed and the light of the sun reflecting on the moon is the truth that cannot be hidden. The leo energy is the lion- this is what we need to force the idea and not just accept that which has been presented to us. This full moon was the trigger for rebellion and the confrontation needed to reveal the truth. What is this truth? It varies from person to person and situation to situation. It can be applied to your own life, but also if you look at the lies and half truths that are transpiring across the globe currently, you can see this energy in action.

This is a great time for manifestation and rebel(lion), be the rebel lion and don’t be afraid to push your ideas forward.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde was in motion a few days after this on the 12th- Mercury Retrograde is an astrological event which happens 3-4 times a year. This is when Mercury is moving through the cosmos in a different direction to earth.

The planet Mercury governs communication, travel and learning. So when Mercury goes retrograde communication is stifled, technology falls to pieces and a metaphorical spanner is thrown into the works.

This does not need to be a bad thing, it can be a great time to relax, reflect and ride the waves of existing ideas. This may sound counter to being the rebel lion, but it is not- think of yourself as a phone and you are plugging it into charge- now is a time to fill up on this rebellious energy and get ready to manifest some magic come the later parts of this month and early next month.

Eclipse New (Black) Moon

The 21st will be the eclipse and thinking in metaphors again it is very interesting- it has been called “The Great American Eclipse” as it will be crossing coast to coast of the states. America is central to a lot of global controversy now with Donald Trump offending just about every group of people on the planet.

Donald Trump is not completely to blame for everything- he did not create racism in America, he did not start all the wars they are involved in and he did not initiate the systematic hoarding of global resources, however, he is making many of these situations worse and bringing light to it through his behaviour.

It has been put forward by many (myself included) that Donald Trump is necessary, not because he is doing good things, but because he is showing the people their flaws. Like a mirror reflecting back different pieces of the collective mindset he represents. You have to remember the majority of voters wanted him as the president.

The eclipse is the covering of the light, which has been happening on a global scale, with America being central to this controversy. America are the biggest consumers per capita on the planet with nearly 27% of world consumption. America have the most amount of civilian deaths on their hands- with them being at war a staggering 222 out of the last 239 years.

This is not an attack on the people of America, but the system that corporations and the government have created to the detriment of their civilians.

If you think of the sun as the truth, the moon represents the darkness covering it, but once the eclipse is over the sun is revealed again. This is a metaphor for the truth being revealed and I believe this is the state of affairs at the moment, the truth is coming out and it can no longer be hidden.

How To Navigate

Now is a strong time for rebellion, truth and moving ideas forward. The eclipse is a good time to solidify your intentions and as the 17th to the 26th is about the infinite potential of the body, it is a time to physically step up and be heard. Attend gatherings with people you love and set ideas in motion, write down love based intentions for individual and collective healing and growth. After the 26th it is time to connect spiritually and work from your heart space, manifesting that which you have been working toward this month, it will calm down a little from here, with the real intense energies dieing out by the 5th of September.

We are currently in a portal for transformation. It is intense, and it is time to step up and be the change! Time to roar like the lion! You are strong, you are courageous and you have the potential to creating the change that is needed.

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