Finding Balance Through Your Masculine, Feminine Energy

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Today I will be chatting with you about light, dark, masculine and feminine energy. This is a funny one to bring up with really masculine men as a lot of the time they think that you are somehow implying that they have to throw on a Celine Dion album, watch Titanic and dress up in a pair of pink fluffy slippers to embrace their inner femininity, but that is really not the case.

When I say light and dark, I am talking about emotions, feelings and states of mind. Don’t make the common misconception that I am saying light is positive and dark is negative, I think this is one of the mistakes many people make by giving these emotions a label of negative or positive, both are just a natural part of the flow of life and can be experienced without a need to attach a positive or negative label.

The same for masculine and feminine, masculine would usually be associated with the male and feminine with the female and while most males will be more masculine and most females more feminine, it is not always the case and traits of both will exist in both males and females.

The light masculine energies include the energies of protection, giving, support, and doing. Light feminine energies include those of nurturing, receiving, and being. Masculine is more of a purpose driven mindset, so the completion of a mission is the driving force behind masculine energy, while feminine is more of a care giving mindset, so you can reach a level of satisfaction from knowing that those around you are safe and cared for.

One of the problems that can come up if you don’t have the internal balance of these energies, is the external seeking of the energy you lack from a partner, friends or companions. This on the surface may seem quite acceptable, but one of the problems with seeking completion from an external source or in this case a person, is  total reliance on that person. Which means separation will cause a lot of suffering.

Also, if you are completed by another person’s energy, the 2 of you in essence are one person in 2 bodies, this is where a struggle for power can arise, who controls the energy, who is the captain of the ship and who takes charge.

A healthier approach is to try to find a sense of wholeness and meet someone who also has that sense of wholeness and the 2 of you can complement each other instead of complete each other.

You will have dominant energies in you and that is very normal, but if you are seeking to complete a mission and you are doing it at the expense of your family, then you are lacking in your feminine energy. If you are caring for others while completely disregarding your own well being you will need to work on your masculine side.

You may have an imbalance in one of the areas if you are-

-Expressing too much dark energy through anxiety, depression or other constant dark emotions.

-Express too much light energy by keeping a brave face when you really need to express the true emotions you are feeling.

-Expressing too much feminine energy, by disregarding your own well being in order to care for others.

-Expressing too much masculine energy by disregarding others to fulfil a personal mission.

So how can you balance these energies?

The best starting point is in awareness. It is a little like when you cut yourself and you don’t realise you have cut yourself. It takes for you to look at the cut to realise you’re bleeding, then all of a sudden you realise you are bleeding and it really starts to hurt. It is the same for balancing your energies, you need to bring awareness to them, this can be achieved through meditation and other conscious practice.

Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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Hey, we have something great for you! New social network focusing on spreading ideas in topics like: spirituality, personal development, health, activism and etc. Click here to check it out!


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