Father And Twin Sons Cut And Donated More Than 80 Trucks Of Wood To Keep Families In Need Warm

Shane McDaniel

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The U.S Energy Information Administration mentioned that in 2015 around 10+ million of the population used wood as their primary source of fuel, out of which 3.5 million use it as their main source of heat. But, wood in the 21st century is not an expendable commodity anymore. And yet, Shane McDaniel and his family donate trees worth $10,000 to families who need the wood but can’t cover the expenses.

Shane McDaniel had experienced what it meant to yearn for wood but not be able to get it. With his family of 6 in Lake Stevens, Washington, wood is hard to get by. A 4 x 8 x 4 block of wood reaches $400 dollars. To compensate for that, Shane and his two sons cut and seasoned around 40 cords of their own wood. By the end of summer, the McDaniels had enough wood to fill 80 trucks.

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How do you spread the information that you actually have the means to help someone in need? Shane McDaniel chose Facebook, as he logged into his account, uploaded a picture of his trees and asked people to text him if they ever needed wood for their houses. He also requested anyone with a collection of wood to donate it to people who would be in immense need of it.

Interestingly, Shane McDaniel had no idea about how far his post would go over social media. Coincidentally, he also had enough wood stocked up in his place that he didn’t have any further space for more wood. So, lack of space coupled with the power of social media led to a lot of people messaging him about it. Seeing such a response, McDaniel decided to give it all away for free.


Gepostet von Shane McDaniel am Donnerstag, 8. November 2018

As it goes, he was trending in the course of a few days, as people all over the world decided to show their appreciation for what he was doing. People from his community and beyond also got in touch to get some wood for their household. Throughout November, Shane McDaniel and his sons distributed wood to every household that didn’t have the means necessary to buy wood on their own.

Just like Shane McDaniel had bonded with his father over wood-cutting, he bonded with his sons in the same way. The Washington Post reports how the boys got a chance to really communicate with their father despite the task not being easy or simple.

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21 years old Harrison McDaniel mentioned a hilarious anecdote where he thought his father was simply yelling at him over the din of cutting and splitting wood.

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Shane McDaniel spoke about how there were mixed responses to his offer. While most of the households were immensely grateful to Shane, some weren’t as grateful. But Shane chalks it down to frustration and pride at having to ask for help. He understands how one must feel to not be able to provide for their family, and refuses to let their rude behaviour discourage him and his sons from the deed they are doing.

Be it 43 years old Abby Valentine who needed the wood to keep her children from freezing in the cold or the countless people in Lake Steven who would benefit from Shane, all have one thing to say- Shane McDaniel is a good man.

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