The End Of An 8 Year Cycle, 111 & What This Number Has To Do With New Year’s Day


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

We are moving into a new year and to my understanding a new era. 2016 or 2+0+1+6=9 which is an ending due to it being the last full digit of the cycle.

2017 or 2+0+1+7 makes 10 which added makes 1, this represents the start of a new era, but I also believe there to be another meaning to 10. Firstly I would just like to say that numbers as a language are very similar to words, meaning if you know how to interpret them, not just in a black and white way, they contain multiple meanings and depending on the eye that views, they can be interpreted in many ways.

What I mean by this is there is an intuitive aspect to numbers. So 1 can mean self, it could also mean single or 1 thing in any form. There are many ways that 1 can be interpreted and unless you have the intuitive aspect it can be hard to interpret dates. On the other hand 2 different interpretations can both be accurate, it just depends on those listening. What I am basically saying is there is no concrete blueprint that says 1 means X 2 means Y  and 3 means Z as numbers are infinite and so are interpretations of them.

If you are reading this, it is my understanding that you are doing so for a reason, so there is a good chance that my interpretation will help you, but I do not claim any absolute truth on the matter.

My understanding of the 10 which this year represents is 1 and 0 meaning 1 unifying with 0. In this case 1 is the self, meaning you, me or anyone from their own perspective unifying with 0, which in this case means nothing. A bit like what Buddhism teaches about emptiness, the last year (specifically the last 3 months) have been hectic energetically, this year is about emptying that cup and uniting with the stillness. This does not necessarily mean all will be still and peaceful, but we need to find the stillness in the caos.

01/01/2017 and 10/01/2017 100110 010110

This is the first date of the month and is very powerful. Think of what I said about entering into the stillness well this day is 01 01 10, so a real day for silence and entering into this space of stillness.

An analogy for zero can also be the difference between viewing something in standard definition and high definition, so the fact we have 1 accompanied by a 0, 3 times is really highlighting the 1 on the different levels.

The 3 1’s also to my understanding represent mind, body and soul. But due to them being single 1’s it is about 3 becoming 1. Meaning mind, body and soul merging into one entity. To remove the separation of the 3 and understand that they all work in harmony as 1 unit.

So often we look to compartmentalise the 3 areas as if they do not work as a unit, and while this can work temporarily it is only a quick fix. Lets use the example of a lower back problem, it could very well be caused by physical trauma or a physical problem (body), however to heal you would need to take into account how you view the problem (your mind) and do you have a spiritual imbalance relating to this body part (spirit). Lower back is related to the root chakra, which in a nutshell has to do with security and staying grounded.

Should you be ungrounded it will be harder to heal. Also should you not believe you can heal, the same can ring true. The placebo effect is a very real phenomena and I think it has to do with the belief you will heal, that aids the process. All of these things alone will not work, but when you find the balance between them all, they do or at least this is my understanding of it.

Also if you add 1+1+2+1+7 you get 12, again this is about masculine/feminine, dark/light and the dual nature becoming 1 or the split person becoming whole. The last time we had a date similar to this was 2008, so it has been a long 8 year cycle, in which we are now kicking off a new centred approach to becoming 1.

111 as a whole number in this case represents the ability to look and reflect on your mind, body and soul. This is done through silent observation (meditation) today is a great day (if possible) to sit with yourself, spend time in nature, meditate and journal about yourself. We often think of ourselves as separate from the whole, but we are not. We are equally as important to the growth of the planet progression of humanity individually as we are collectively, so try to remember that. When we heal ourselves, we are in the best position to help heal the world. Being selfish, can often be the least selfish thing a person can do. If you try to tip from an empty cup eventually there will be nothing to pour, so while the day (and year) is about emptying, it is only in order to detoxify and replace with something more suitable for your purpose.

There is a subtle difference between the 1st and the 10th, being that the 1st is 0-1 and the 10th being 1-0. To my understanding on the 1st it is about letting the nothingness in, nature is a great place for this, and on the 10th it is about seeking the nothingness, so taking time out to meditate, you can do both on both days, but that is the subtle difference I see between the 2.

Much love to you all, and make sure you take out the time to be still and peaceful on the 1st and the 10th of this month specifically, but January (and even this year) as a whole is about self care and love!

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