If Elected British MP Plans To Deliver Free College Education, Provide Shelter For The Homeless And Heavily Tax The Top 5% Of Earners

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

A recently leaked document shows that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn plans to rebalance the power in the UK taking away the control of the small group of wealthy individuals who control most of the economy.

The manifesto has shown that Corbyn plans to transfer the royal mail (postal service) and the railways from private to state ownership, and to part transfer Britain’s energy industry. Alongside that he has pledged to put £6 billion back into the (currently under threat) NHS which provides free healthcare to all British citizens.

Some of the highlights of the 46 page manifesto also include:

  • Providing 100,000 new homes a year for the homeless, vulnerable and low earning families.
  • An “emergency price cap” stopping energy companies overcharging consumers.
  • Not allowing the planned increase to the pension age to go over the age of 66.
  • “Fair rules and reasonable management” on immigration by also recognising the benefits that migrants can bring.

He has also pledged to phase out tuition fees for college and university, to boost financial support for parents who need childcare and review the sudden cuts in benefits that have caused misery to many citizens in the UK.

Corbyn said: “We’re drawing a line. Three decades of privatisation – from energy and rail to health and social care – has made some people very rich. But it has not delivered richer lives for the majority.” He continued “In the coming days, we will be setting out our plan to transform Britain – with an upgraded economy run for the many not the few.”

The new plans will be funded by taxing big corporations and wealthy individuals. With around £20billion a year being raised by reversing the cuts made by rival party (The Conservative Party) in 2010. The tax increases will only affect the top 5% of earners with the other 95% being the same or better off.

It is a bold move for Corbyn, which if executed as promised could see a shift in the balance of power in the UK. Let us know what you think of these ideas by leaving us a comment below.

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