Why Donald Trump Winning The Election Is Great For The Future Of Humanity


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

I recently shared something about the number system. This is something I recently decoded after having a mystical experience which you can read more about here.

One of the numbers I spoke about is the number 7. The number 7 represents the cosmic joke. Apart from when you want to count 7 things, 7 has very little meaning within our system of numbers, or at least that is my understanding of it. So to my knowledge it is a non sense number. You could very well just skip it and the rest of the number system would not be affected to much, whereas if you removed 1 all other numbers would disappear. 2 and half would disappear. But if you remove 7 all numbers apart from 7 would stay.

However on the other hand everything is governed by 7- 7 chakras (debatable, but on this plain I believe this to be true), development happens in 7 year cycles (or near to 7 year cycles) there are 7 continents, 7 stages to maturity (which I will speak about in the future), the 7 pointed star represents love, which to my understanding is the most fundamental of human needs for survival, 7 colours of the rainbow, this article is not about religion (I don’t promote organised religion of any kind), but 7 is referenced 860 times in the bible as the word of god.

The Bible was originally divided into 7 major divisions-

The Law

The Prophets

The Writings

The Gospels

The General Epistles

The Epistles of Paul

The book of Revelation.

With the total number of originally inspired holy books being forty-nine, or 7 x 7, demonstrating absolute perfection.

Stay with me as this does have something to do with Donald Trump and I will get to that in a moment. Buddhism has the 7 stages of purification. Judaism has the seven year shmittah cycle, and then the 7×7 cycles of the Yovel and the Omer. Islam has the seven stages of life. And I could literally go on and on with this all day. So while 7 is useless to the naked eye, it is also the most significant number there is in many areas of life.

7 is the numerical joke, the paradox- meaning it is useless, but also impossible to survive without. It is yin and yang, light and dark, masculine and feminine. It makes no sense, but complete sense at the same time. You may want to know what any of this has to do with Donald Trump and here it is- he is the joke in the physical world, he is the mirror. His wife represents all he stands against and the majority needed to support him so they could see their reflection and how stupid it is to support him.

Donald Trump is the divine paradox most people think we don’t need him, but without him the joke would have continued and the only ones laughing would have remained the dark forces of this planet which are now losing the grip of power.

This is why standing rock will win.

This is why the Calais migrants will be housed.

This is why Palestine will be free.

This is why war will stop.

This is why the power structure will crumble.

Because we are now in a new age of love and we needed to be fed all that is not love for us to see this.

The next stage and one that will be a lot harder is the forgiveness and purification of all those who have oppressed. But should this not happen the cycle will continue. More jokes that no one will understand will continue and life will continue as it has for as long as any of us can remember.

If you open your eyes you can see that the power structure is shifting. The media which has always dominated is dissolving and a new age of positive information is coming through. The moment we choose to stop playing the game to the rules of the people who oppress us, is the moment we can switch the game. Each and every one of you is as powerful as you allow yourself to be, you can do and be whatever you want to be, you just have to know it first. Keep strong!

Soon I will write about how the tides of power are shifting and the difference between our worlds. Basically why some are dark and others are light and not necessarily wrong and right. But to be brief there is a shift in power that is happening, this is why the dark forces are trying to shut down alternative media (which you can read about here) this again is the divine joke as the most corrupt and misrepresented media organisations are the ones trying to shut down those that are spreading (not always, but for the most part) the truth, obviously lines are blurred in both alternative and mainstream as to which specific sites/groups are telling the truth or not. But Obama argued that alternative sites that influenced the electoral process should be stopped, while supporting Hillary, who has emails showing that she was influencing the electoral process using mainstream media.

This is why they are still trying to fight standing rock, even though they know they cannot win. They are trying to kill an idea that is so firmly planted that it cannot be killed, all they can do is shut down the platforms, but like Hydra the serpent god, if you cut off 1 head 2 will grow back. The tides are changing from dominant darkness to dominant lightness, try as you will these ideas will never die! Welcome to the new age of light and much love to you all, even those doing the oppressing Luke


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