Do Animals Guide You? The Mysterious World Of Spirit Animals

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Spirit animals are a symbolic connection to the spiritual plain. They can contain deep insight and wisdom into areas of your life you need to be connecting to more deeply, and also those areas which no longer serve your journey.

The world of spirit animals is one that is quite new to me and one which I stumbled upon through a very strange set of circumstances which led me to no longer be able to ignore the signs in front of me.

My spirit animal is the owl and since the 16th of April 2016 I have seen at least 1 owl a day. Including a few real owl sightings (I live in London UK, so this is very strange) I see them in art, on Facebook, on other people’s clothing and just about everywhere you could imagine. At the peak of these sightings I saw around 20 owls in one day, but I always see a few a day.

How You Get Messages Through Your Animal Spirit

The first thing you should do is ask for a message and then remember to be receptive when seeking the answer. Your messages can come in many forms so be prepared to listen and trust what you get.

If your animal is a polar bear and you live in the UK chances are you will not have polar bears turning up outside your house, but there are many other ways you can still receive guidance.

Visual: You can receive visual guidance, this could be in the physical or spiritual sense. So you may continue to see images, videos, art, clothing or your spirit animal in other visual forms. But they could also come in the form of dreams, visions, through meditation or other prophetic means.

Sound: Again this could be spiritually or physically, and could be the sound of your animal spirit, the name of your animal spirit or some kind of message directly from your animal spirit.  

Feeling: This is what you could call your intuitive instincts guiding you. Often this will come from your animal spirits showing you the right path to walk in a given moment.

Knowing: This is when you may be lead to a series of thoughts or unfoldings that put you onto the path of knowing what you need to do. This could also come in the form of synchronicity, which leads you to signs that almost make a decision for you.

Common Animal Spirits


The owl spirit is related to a deep connection with your wisdom and intuition. If the owl is your animal totem or power you will likely have the ability to see that which is hidden from most, the ability to read between the lines and take as much from what is not said, than from what is said.

When the owl guides you, you see reality as it is, going beyond the illusory and deceitful. The owl connects those who have it as their personal totem to the magic of life and the inspiration and guidance needed to explore the more mysterious aspects of existence.



The wolf is representative of leaving behind old characteristics and behaviours that no longer serve you.

Although wolves are often associated with the “lone wolf” they are pack animals, so if the wolf is guiding you it could have to do with needing cooperation and teamwork in your life.

Valuable lessons are coming your way so make sure you stay receptive, listen to yourself and maintain your inner knowing, even if you are currently feeling misunderstood.



The tiger spirit animal is linked to your willpower, strength and courage. It can also be encouraging the part of yourself that you usually hide to come out and play.

A need to decrease the aggression you are feeling towards others and try to reflect upon what it is that is causing these issues.

Also the need to do something different and unpredictable in your life, like an adventure of some kind.



If you have been involved in some negative situations in recent times you will need to move towards people who are more understanding and caring of your ways. Trust your intuition in this time as you are due an exciting adventure which will teach you a lot about yourself.



The fox is telling you to trust your intuition and be careful who you share all the intricate details of your life with in this moment and use your intelligence over confrontation.

Now is a great time to move away from social conditioning and express yourself in the way that feels natural to you. This is also a time to start planning and storing things for the future.


Do you know what your animal spirit is? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Much love, Luke.


Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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Luke Miller is the editor at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to use the fundamental laws of nature to help you create more happiness, satisfaction, joy, freedom and bliss within your world. You Can Join Him For His Latest Free Course “Tuning Into The Natural Laws Of The Universe” By Clicking Here.

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