A Different Perspective On What It Means To Be A Police Officer In The US

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

The way in which many American police are using their powers on the street has now reached a crisis point. Many victims of abuse have argued the only difference between now and the past is the fact that the police cannot get away with it due to the rise in smart devices.

However you dress it up, living in a society in which police are more likely to kill you than the terrorists we are taught to hate, is a society that needs to be revolutionised.

In this video poet Prince EA shows a different perspective of what he feels it means to be a police officer in America.


A lot of people think I’m evil just because I wear this badge.

But I bet you didn’t know that I got into this line of work because I truly care about the community. And I want to make a real difference in the lives of the people I serve.

I bet you didn’t know that I dream of being a lawyer when I grow up. I play sports and my favorite would have to be… baseball. But I really want to study law so that I can make a real difference in my community.

I bet you didn’t know that when I was six. My mom and dad gave me ‘the talk’. They told me that I have a higher chance of being stopped and abused by police because of the skin I was born in. 15 years later every time I looked through my rear-view and see a car with those lights on top, I nervously began to sweat from my palms even though I have done nothing wrong.

I bet you didn’t know that this isn’t my only job. I also work security at two local diners to take care of my wife and newborn daughter. We are scraping by but we’re going to make it. I love them both very much and when I’m out on those streets I just want to get home to them.

Let us never forget that we are human. The media tries to push its narratives but we all carry a more true-story inside. And that story is often very different from what we see with our own two eyes, let me emphasize the point.

If I told you to go to the ocean and bring me back a bucket of blue water, you would never succeed in a million years because see that water is not blue even though that is how it appears it is actually clear. And so likewise beneath the blue uniform under the black or white skin, gray suit or multicolored tattoos, we are clearly human.

Also you’ve got to do is look closer.

Listen I don’t know how to fix police and community relationships I just know that it’s broken and I won’t sugar-coat it, Lady Justice no longer she’s blindfolded, trust has eroded and even though I love the idea of body cameras until the day comes that we zoom into our own biases, our world will forever be out of focus.

Because see there’s one truth and no escaping it, no running away from it whether white or black if a person skin is seen as a weapon then they will always be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

How many more reenactments, how many more shots fired, shots fired, futures erased, how many more miles of yellow tape will it take until we are no longer undecided about how precious every human life is, and we all respect the badge worn by courageous men and women but they should never forget what lies two inches behind it, the human heart.

And if we listen from there then the police motto will soon go from ‘protect and serve’ to ‘protect, serve and care’. And we will start to see a human like a hue-man, not just the hue of the man and [miss the force] for the trees call me crazy but I believe that one day understanding will defeat judgment haters will be defeated by lovers and human potential will then be discovered. And on that day seven billion people will finally see what they can accomplish when they love, respect and care for each other.


Hey, guys. Thank you so much for watching my video. I would like to thank Fox for giving me the opportunity to speak so openly about such an important topic. This one was particularly close to my heart. So thanks again, please share the video watch shots fired and let’s start a conversation to hopefully turn the police motto from protect and serve to protect, serve and care because we can all care a little bit more about each other. Peace.


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