Cultivating This One Simple Spiritual Habit Can Change Your Life in Amazing Ways

by Vickie Howie

We all have default modes, the place we go to first, especially when things get rough. This default setting, or foundational habit mode, is very important because life has a way of throwing us curve balls, so whatever our default setting is, we are going to end up going there a lot.

So my question for you today is: What is yours?

What world view arises when the “stuff “ hits the fan?

Do you turn toward greater faith and belief in the bigger picture or do you begin to bemoan life, your lot, etc?

I have found that there is one habit that all my happy, well-adjusted friends share, and it is this: when things get rough, they look UP. They believe that there is higher power and an order to their existence. No matter how messy things get, they believe that life has got their back.

This one fundamental belief changes everything.

Einstein is often quoted as saying, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

If you believe you live in a hostile universe, you tend to look down. Down on situations, down on others, just down. This leads you, not surprisingly, to feeling down.

But when you believe you live in a friendly universe, you tend to look up. You believe in a higher power, that you’re being supported by forces beyond your own will and that love is the connecting spirit between all living things. You look up with awe and reverence.

Lately, I have been traveling around Europe, which means I have been seeing a lot of cathedrals. It seems every town in France has a “Notre Dame.”

Sitting in the energy and beauty of these temples is amazing, but what I noticed about all of them that was so special for me was this:

They were obviously designed by people who look up.

Every single cathedral you go into has intricate paintings or mosaics adorning the ceilings. Yesterday, in Lyon, we saw lotus type flowers protruding from the ceiling there. The detail, the love, the inspiring beauty is a testament to the Divine.

So, my simple suggestion for today (that I really believe will change your life) is this: practice looking up.

Notice the colors in the sky and the way the clouds move. Admire the birds flying in unison. Enjoy the way the trees dot the hillside. And if you happen to be in a town with lovely old cathedrals, enter one and tilt your head back so you can appreciate the years of work that have gone into the sacred art created for and by those who like to look up.

It’s a deceivingly basic thing, but if you practice looking up, you will soon find yourself filling up and feeling up.


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Vicki Howie is a certified hypnotherapist and innovative chakra healer who can show you how to tap into your infinite potential via your body’s energy centers. Discover the power of her Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™  here, get a free copy of her critically-acclaimed heart chakra healing song here and join her for her free, life-changing speaker series here.Blessings.

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