Cryptocurrency “Ripple” Has Just Donated $29 Million To Schools In America

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The $29 million donation was made on Donors Choose, and it is thought it will affect the lives of 1 million American children.

Donors Choose is a crowdfunding website in which teachers with donors to give children access to tools and experiences they need to better their education.

With the $29 million donation, Donors Choose were able to fulfill all the requests made on the site. This included- 35,647 requests in all, from 28,210 teachers at 16,561 public schools.

Donors Choose founder Charles Best told CNN “It’s fair to say there’s never been a day that this many classroom dreams have come true,”

Rippe are one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies with a market share of over $20 billion. Ripple’s SVP of Marketing Monica Long said in a statement:

“At Ripple, we care about giving back to our community and we collectively value the importance of quality education in developing the next generation of leaders,”

She continued “’s track record speaks for itself — they are highly effective at improving the quality of education and the experience of teachers and students across America. We’re proud to work with them to support classroom needs across the country.”

According to Ripple’s website, the money will affect an estimated 1 million public school students in the US.

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