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Consciousness is the mysterious driving force behind your mind, body and soul. In short it is an awareness, but to just call it an awareness would be not giving it the full respect it deserves, because while all levels of consciousness do include an awareness, that awareness is not always going to be an awareness within the realms of 3 dimensional thinking.

Some of it is internal awareness, some external awareness and some of it is an awareness that cannot be quantified with words. In this article I want to talk about raising that awareness or consciousness for personal growth and fulfilment.


A big part of the spiritual journey is that of searching. If you think you have all the answers then you are not looking deeply enough. You have to search for the right questions, then search for the right answers to those questions.

The reason the spiritual path is so scattered with search is because when you expand your mind and find answers it usually asks a lot more questions of you than it answers.

The fact is throughout your entire life there is no end to the searching. When you are born you are concerned with what we now find simple like how to hold a crayon and when you are on your deathbed you will be concerned with what awaits you after you pass. The search never ends the questions just change.


When you search, you will find answers and bits of information that need to be processed. This is a skill within itself, because it is very easy to miss information and stumble open false information. So when searching make sure you keep an eye open and learn to syphon the good from the bad.


Learning is fundamental to growth, but is not just about randomly absorbing any and every piece of information out there. But finding the information that serves you and the direction you are moving in.


You have to take time out to observe the world around you and once you find something, it is good to be able to just observe it without judgement and bias. To be able to look at the piece of information without your preconceptions of what it should be and take it for what it is.

Observation is not just of the external world, but also of your own internal world. Learn to observe your own behaviour for what it is and not what you think it is.


Once you have observed something you should sit with it for a while, don’t think about it or analyse it. Just sit with it and feel the emotions that arise.


To ponder something is to deeply think about it, weigh it up and analyse what it is you are planning or experiencing. This can be done when you have something to ponder, but it is a never ending process that needs to take place in bursts, as and when you have things going on.

Pondering can last a lifetime- think Einstein, Steven Hawkins  & Charles Darwin they will be doing a lot of learning and processing, but for them to move forward they will often have to take a step back and just ponder what is.


Once you figure something out, come to a decision or just feel the need to look back it is good to reflect and view the process to see how it worked out.

You can reflect on decisions you have made or on emotions you have experienced. Good or bad, it is always advised to see how you got to the place you are now in.


When you reflect you will usually be asked two or three questions for everyone answered. It is good to delve deeply into these new found questions and investigate their nature.


It is good to question yourself and others, it is good to see if the conclusions you have come to are actually true or if they are just your opinion. Sometimes it is beneficial to question your most closely held beliefs, just to see the possibility of entertaining another version of reality different from your own.


Sometimes you have to accept findings that contradict your own, sometimes you need to accept that you will not be able to change certain things and sometimes you will just need to accept the people around you.

Ultimately you will need to accept yourself and the person you are if you are to keep on moving forward in life.


Practice your skills, practice being mindful, practice love, kindness and compassion. Once you know where you are going in life you will need to practice getting to your destination.

Meditation is a prime example of practice, it is not spirituality or consciousness defined, but the practice of being more spiritual and conscious. That’s why it is so powerful, because you are practicing how to be outside your mediation.


Visualisation, affirmation and prayer are all you asking yourself or whatever it is you believe in to provide you with the tools necessary to do what you need to do. If you want to become more confident- ask, if you want a better spiritual practice- ask or if you have a goal of some kind you wish to achieve, just ask for the guidance.

This works outside of yourself also, if you need help with a problem get out there and ask someone who can help you.


The first person you need to listen to is yourself and the best way to listen is to be quite. This can be achieved through meditation, but also through many other ways. Find something that takes you away from distractions and just listen to yourself. A few examples are nature walks, just sitting in nature, exercise (preferable not in a gym with blaring music, lots of people and 30 TV screens all fighting for your attention).

Make sure you stop and take a moment to listen to yourself and you will find answers to your dilemmas.

This also applies to other people, you can never learn while speaking, so if you have a tendency to talk too much take a little time out to listen to others also.

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