Why Conor Mcgregor Will KO Mayweather Inside 6 Rounds

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Those who have followed my work might be surprised to know that I practiced boxing and MMA on and off for 11 years. I embody peace and love, but also see martial arts as the biggest test of the physical body possible and in all its brutality it is also has an element of beauty that cannot be matched in any other sport. Boxing is great and something I fell in love with from a young age, but MMA is in a league of its own when it comes to testing what a human being is capable of.

I have been fascinated with Conor Mcgregor since his rise to fame and I personally believe that (when he is at his best) in terms of the psychological aspect of fighting there is no one in history over any sport who has been able to match his ability to get inside the minds of his opponents.

To the untrained eye he can come across as simply arrogant, materialistic and egotistical- and while he does hold these traits he is also humble, a true martial artist and very dedicated to his art. If you watch back old footage, he had no doubt from the start to which direction he was heading and has embodied spiritual techniques such as visualisation and manifestation to fully realise his potential.

Connor is a martial artist and it could be argued that he is the number 1 martial artist in the world. Had Conor chosen boxing over MMA, chances are he would be the number 1 in Boxing due to his pure belief and dedication.

I do not believe someone with this level of respect for martial arts is stepping into the world of boxing just for the money and judging by his demeanor I think he actually believes he will beat Mayweather.

We saw Conor break Jose Aldo- a fighter who had not lost in 9 years. A fighter who was the only featherweight champ ever and the fighter who at the time was ranked the number 1 pound for pound martial artist in the world. Not only did Conor beat Aldo, but he knocked him out in 13 seconds.

From his fights against Poirier, Mendes, Aldo and Alvarez I heard many fight experts giving him no chance and many of them same experts are saying the same now against Mayweather.

The psychological games have started against Mayweather and it is clear to see Conor is getting the upper hand. I know from a logical perspective anyone who knows anything about fighting will give Conor a small to zero percent chance. But we don’t live in a logical world and when you can mentally break someone in the way Conor is breaking Floyd and all the other fighters he has broken- logic goes out the window. This video contains strong language:

Floyd is a great champion, there is no doubting that, but I believe he has been rattled in a way that has never happened before. I am going against all logic and picking Conor for the KO inside 6 rounds. Let me know your predictions below and please share this article.


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