Conceptualising Infinity- Numerology Report For The 18th Of January

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Today is powerful as it is the first day of the year that has 4 levels-


Meaning 1 is 1811 the final 1 is 2+0+1+7=1

Meaning 2 is 911 because we add the 1 and the 8 at the start to get 9

Meaning 3 is 11 as we add 9+1+1 to get 11

Meaning 4 is 2 from 1+1

This only happens twice this month (also 27/01/2017), and this is why I feel it is important to highlight this date.

I mentioned in earlier posts that this is a selfish month, being there is so many 1’s in all the patterns (all date codes have at least 2). And today is no different.

1 and 8 represent self (1) merging with infinity (8). This is the embrace of the infinite nature of the universe, with 8 (due to its shape) being the only infinite number (unless you count 0 as a number). What I am getting for today is if you can appreciate the infinite nature of all things infinite (numbers, the universe, consciousness etc.) you can also understand the more tangible nature of the dualistic world (the second part of the code being 11 or 1+1=2)

Today is a good day to view the stars, work on something that has no end and embrace all that is infinite. You mind, body and soul work all have infinite potential.

The second part is 911, in this case 9 represents everything, a little like infinity, but not. Here is a better way you can conceptualise what I mean by everything-


2=2 People

3=Family or man, woman and child

4=Everything outside of that on the physical level- meaning nature

5=Everything outside of that in human form- meaning the god within

6=Everything outside of that- which is god- god is a metaphor for your interpretation of what it means to you (could be science, energy or religious to offer a few examples)

7=Is the cosmic joke (pretty relevant in the sequence to my understanding, although there may be another meaning I am yet to discover, I know some interpret 7 as god also)  


9=Everything (the only singularity that exists) in this interpretation of 9, this is everything in existence under 1 umbrella, with the umbrella in question actually being a part of that 1 thing.

Numbers all have many meanings but this is a simplification. So this is the meaning of today’s 9, everything and how you need to embrace the dualistic nature to become whole (11 or 1+1=2) to understand this everything.

The 3rd (11) and 4th (2) meaning are both the same as the they are represented in the other meanings. Both are to do with the dualistic nature of life. To go into this a little further it is the fact that everything has an opposite. Meaning happiness and sadness are the same thing, just at a different measurement. As are hot and cold. Masculine and feminine. All just measurements of the same single thing. When you can grasp this, you can understand the remedy to an issue you may be facing, the most simple of examples- if you are cold, you remedy it with something warm. This can be applied (with practice) to all aspects of life dual in nature. At least this is my current understanding.

A good practice for today is to switch from infinite tasks such as stargazing, mathematics and/or spiritual practice to the observation of dual tasks such as understanding the opposites of your emotions or looking at to remedy any problem you have with its opposite.

Today is a powerful day so use it to your advantage as it will help you to understand all that is infinite in nature! Much love to you, Luke

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