By Solving 70 Math Problems In Her Head In 5 Minutes This 8-Year-Old Girl Won A World Math Championship

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most 8-year-olds are simple toddlers who have just begun to comprehend that a world exists beyond their fingertips. Not Zury Tlapacano Reyes though. This 8-year-old mathematical prodigy recently won the World Mental Calculation in China by quite some margin. And how? She solved 70 questions in 5 minutes! Let us just put it out there- she is smarter than everyone out there.

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Forbes Mexico mentioned how this 8-year-old from Aloha Mental Arithmetic School bagged the first prize after solving 70 questions without using a calculator. And what’s more interesting is that she got all 70 of them correct. For this stupendous display of brainpower, she was also commended with the Grand Champion Award, as Epoch Times mentions. 

After she came back to her country, the little prodigy shared her experiences with the local media. But what was curiously lacking from her voice was arrogance at having won such a prestigious tournament.

 She mentioned how this was her first such tournament, and yet she was simply happy doing what she loved doing. Participating in this competition wasn’t any more difficult or strenuous than she put herself through every day. Her family, on the other hand, is extremely proud of their little girl and they have expressed their gratitude towards everyone who helped them attend the competition.

She returned back on July 24, and at Tampico International Fan her fans surrounded her friends and family. The YouTube video of her return was highlighted with her proudly waving the trophy around, while her fans cheered and congratulated her. Her father was seen picking her up in his arms and hugging her. 

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When speaking to the reporters, Zury mentioned how she was elated at having received the Grand Champion prize. But she didn’t feel the stress of it as she had prepared well for it. Her father, on the other hand, was extremely happy that his little girl had achieved all that she deserved simply based on her talent, brilliance, and hard work. 

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