Brazilian Tattoo Artist Shares A Piece Of The Jungle Through His Shamanic Inspired Work

By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Brazilian artist Brian Gomes has managed to encapsulate the essence of shamanism, tribal life and culture in his Amazonian inspired tattoos. His beautiful geometric and psychedelic work comes from his deep rooted understanding of this culture.

His work contains both the essence of Brazilian and Peruvian tribes, with him crediting the Shipibo-Conibo tribe (who live in Peru, alongside the Ucayali River) as a major influence in what he does. Also the Huni Kuin tribe (also known as Kaxinawa, or the Kashinawa) have had a major influences on his work.

One step to one step we heading off in the woods.

Yesterday was the day of the @victormontaghini remember that tattoo hurts lol.
Very grateful for doing this tattoo.


Way of the heart, with reference to the sacred art of the shipibo people.


The ways of life towards the heart.


Alegri Joy Joy!!!


Long live love!


A new cycle in my life


That love to grow in our hearts. Tattoo made in blackflash day.

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