The Book Of Absolute Truth? Could This Impossible Task Be Possible?


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Hypothetically could we work out a book of absolute truth in every section of the world- maybe on the spiritual plane, but I am thinking more likely on the mental plane and most likely of all in the physical world. I know the 3 worlds often  merge, but I am talking in the more observable tangible world, than the more tricky and mystical world of spirit (but perhaps all the above)

I write this article as an invitation to start an open discussion, not to claim any knowing or absolute truth in any of the subjects I mention, just to see if hypothetically people who know far more than I do in different primary, secondary and how ever many levels down a specific subject goes, could conceptualise this idea, no matter how difficult a task it would be execute.  

Here is an example that could help you to visualise the concept I am speaking of, but my inquiry is not limited to these areas. So lets speak for a moment of the human body, the human body will have many sections to be looked at and could be broken down into many subsections for further investigation. For example- one could dedicate their entire life to learning about how the heart works, but that would be a very broad way to look at the subject. One could probably go deeper into the workings of the heart, say the rhythm of the heart beat and find many different rhythms mean many different things. And take it even further still and work out rhythms for those doing activity ABC or XYZ. So you can see how as you enter a subject the doors to discovery just keep on opening and opening until you (A have no more doors to open or (B find that the doors are infinite (which would obviously be hard to write a book on).

Anyway for this article I shall talk about diet/nutrition and movement/exercise or the optimal output energetically to perform the task that you specifically need to perform. These 2 subject are obviously different, but I am sure you can see how they would go hand in hand in certain walks of life.

So from my limited knowledge on these subjects I have been led to believe that nutrition and exercise are not an exact science. That let’s say person A, person B and person C want to create a plan to learn to become an olympic sprinter all 3 persons would need to follow different plans/diets/movements to reach an optimal state based on their blood type, body type, psychological state, metabolism and many other factors that I am sure are not coming to me now. So given the factors there would be no exact science to help person A, B or C be a sprinter.

But could there be? According to Wikipedia there are 35 blood types, I am sure this is a subject of debate in some circles, but let’s say there are 35.

According to The Science Of Eating there are 3 body types, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph- again I am sure this could be debatable, maybe there are variations, but it could be 3 and we shall say 3 for this article.

There could be many more factors involved in this process, but let’s say for the sake of simple math, that these are the only factors involved in the process. This would give us 35 blood types, by the power of 3 body types, giving us 105 different ways that we are made up.

Again this is something I am trying to open up as a discussion, but hypothetically could we work out a process in which those 105 different genetic codes would react to different dietary and movement programs, creating an exact science by which we could work out a diet and nutritional plan dependant of blood/body/ and anything else that comes into play combinations?

This example can work as an analogy for any subject and any number of variable, which would fractal into an almost infinite amount of possibilities in different direction for many different subjects. However is this possible and has anyone ever thought of this before?

There are many flaws in modern science, as there are in other schools of thought, but could it be that we may be able to reach a verifiable absolute truth in different subjects over the world with the right experts leading the discoveries?

Please send your ideas, criticisms or any input you have on this, just keep it friendly, there is a reason why most people are not experts as it takes a lifetime of commitment before you can consider yourself anywhere near to one (in most subjects) as any expert knows, this is just a concept that I am happy to be humbled on either way.


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