Before Film Companies Could Cast Robin Williams He Insisted They Hire Homeless People According To Brian Lord

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Robin Williams is one actor who needs no introduction. He was one of those actors who would spread smiles wherever he went, regardless of actually knowing the human or not. While his cheery on-screen disposition has been much talked about- not many know the man behind the screen. After his death in 2014, a major fan of Robin Williams, Brian Lord, came up with some startling and heartwarming information. He made us raise our respect for the legend even further.

A few years back, Brian Lord mentioned in his blog about how relatively close he had gotten to sign Robin Williams for his company. And even though the deal fell off, Lord managed to get a look at the actor’s list of needs and wants. This list is called a rider and comprises of everything one could imagine.

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Brian Lord was extremely impressed by Robin Williams’ demands. All the legend wanted was the company that would sign him for an event or movie had to hire a set number of homeless people and employ them. While most actors would ask for relatively outrageous stuff, all Williams wanted was the betterment of the community.

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While one might think that this was common, here are a few celebrities and their demands as reported by The Telegraph

1. Mariah Carey- Vitamin water for her dogs, and an attendant that will help dispose of her chewing gums.

2. Lady Gaga- a pink puffy pubic haired mannequin.

3. Iggy Pop- USA Today with a story of extremely obese people in it.

Brian Lord had many dealings with celebrities so he knew the importance of Robin Williams’ demands. The clout that the latter held would ensure the employment of several homeless people. And it was assumed that once initiated, production companies would keep going through with the process once it brought out favorable results.

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This isn’t the only thing that separates the legend from other celebrities. Ricky Gervais once spoke to Huffington Post about how Robin Williams would watch young comedians on stage. Not just watch, but also encourage them and laugh the loudest. He was a great man, and almost everyone who knew him would say the same.

People who had interacted with him, never saw his movies the same way. Not Brian Lord, not Ricky Gervais, not any of the other actors who worked with him- which is an illustrious list in itself- Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Ethan Hawke, and others.

While it is a sad travesty that the legend suffered from depression, no one can deny that this man really dedicated his life to spreading smiles.

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