Art Meditation: 18 Free Coloring Pages For Adults

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Art helps us to unblock, de-stress, and express ourselves to the fullest potential.

In fact, I believe it’s safe to say that art is an expression of the soul.

There are very few crafts in the world that are as universally appealing as coloring. As children we all scribbled through various coloring books (and if you were like me, the walls and floor too … mwahaha). If you have a child you’ve probably enjoyed watching them color in hollowed images of various animals and Disney characters. But what about us adults?

According to the Amazon “bestseller list” right now, adult coloring books are becoming more and more popular as people discover – or rediscover – the amazing benefits of sitting down with a pencil or marker.

In fact, coloring books are even reported to be the best alternative to traditional forms of meditation as they allow the mind to relax, enter into a state of “flow” and slow down the body so that it can unwind.

While coloring may not technically be art therapy (according to this psychologist and art therapist), it is a simple, fun, and beneficial way to harmonize the mind and body.

18 Free Coloring Pages For Adults

I was given a “Creative Therapy Coloring Book” at the beginning of the year as a gift but decided to abandon it in the dusty depths of my book dungeon. When I received it, I thought “This is kind of cool … but weird,” and so I passed up the opportunity. But the other week I stumbled across the book again and thought I would try it out for a change. A few hours later I was enthusiastically hopping on the internet researching far and wide … and what did I find? Other people love this whimsical form of self-expression as well!


aletheia-luna-coloring-book-e1445151122136ONLY 1/5 FINISHED, BUT I LIKE TO TAKE MY TIME!

So why is coloring so great? Coloring allows you to not only complete a beautiful mini masterpiece, but it also creates a space of silence in your mind. I found that just 10 minutes of solid coloring helped my inner chatter to quiet and eventually cease altogether. Not only that, but coloring actually helped me to become acutely aware of what was going on inside of my mind. That is partly why I was so eager to create this article, because almost ANYONE can benefit from this, and it is a wonderful form of meditation. After 20 minutes I felt grounded and centered with all the stresses of the day faded away.

Below you will find a beautiful selection of free coloring pages for adults. Feel free to download any, or as many, as you like. You may even find that after coloring in a few of these pages you are inspired to create your own unique designs which will be even more beneficial for you.


Have a look!

1. Geometric Flowers


Click here to download this page!

2. Sacred Vine


Click here to download this page!

3. Native American Indian Chief


Click here to download this page!

4. Lion


Click here to download this page!

5. Buddha


Click here to download this page!

6. Mystical Mandala #1


Click here to download this page!

7. Mystical Mandala #2


Click here to download this page!

8. Dreamcatcher


Click here to download this page!

9. Mexican Skull


Click here to download this page!

10. Butterfly


Click here to download this page!

11. Ganesh


Click here to download this page!

12. Tribal Mask


Click here to download this page!

13. Magic Mushroom


Click here to download this page!

14. The Ocean


Click here to download this page!

15. Art Nouveau


Click here to download this page!

16. Waves


Click here to download this page!

17. Chinese Dragon


Click here to download this page!

18. Flower Mandala


Click here to download this page!

Which of these 18 free coloring pages for adults is your favorite? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page and share with us your creations!


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