Arnold Schwarzenegger Leads All Star Cast In Documentary Dispelling The Meat Protein Myth

By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

One of the biggest questions proposed by meat eaters to those on a plant-based diet is “where do you get your protein?” Could it be that the fact that we need high levels of animal protein to thrive is one of the slickest marketing ploys ever conceived? This is the concept that is being proposed in the new documentary The Game Changers. 

The movie follows the story of former UFC fighter James Wilks who seeks out an elite group of high performing athletes, which he claims proves “everything he’d been taught about protein was a lie.” 

The all-star team behind the movie includes James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, and Novak Djokovic. 

The Game Changers is due to be released on the 16th September 2019 globally. Please share this article.

Image Credit: © Fisher Photostudio RMY Auctions

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