A Drug Xarelto Is Causing Severe Side Effects And Many Are Taking It To Court

by Chandy Charms contributor,

In hospitals and clinics, the patients and their families hope for the best care. They trust in their doctors and the medicines that were recommended to them by the pharmaceutical companies. Filled with belief that under professional care they are safe, the patients don’t suspect that a medicine can cause a severe internal or brain bleeding without an antidote to stop it. And that is exactly the case of a drug known as Xarelto. If you or your family member suffered because of its side effects, contact a lawyer to make the Xarelto producer answer to you.

What is Xarelto?

Xarelto is a name of a medicine. The substance which Xarelto consists of is known as rivaroxaban and it is supposed to work as a blood thinner. Prior to the introduction of the drug, the patients were made undergo tiring therapies in order to prevent dangerous blood clots and strokes. Frequent blood tests and strict diet to follow caused the previously used blood thinners to be a troublesome therapy. Xarelto has been introduced as a solution to this problem. It was said to be safe and comfortable, without a specific diet and constant monitoring. It has one dosage for all the patients, regardless of their case and age. It was supposed to ensure the easy yet effective treatment.

z15167026QDreadful side effects of Xarelto

Every Xarelto lawsuit is connected to the horrifying side effects of the drug. By default, rivaroxaban is supposed to treat the dangerous coagulations and minimize the effects of strokes that are common in certain kinds of diseases. However, the numerous studies and real cases show that the drug is incredibly dangerous. Among more than 70% of the patients taking the medicine, side effects have been noticed. These include the lesser ones like muscle pains, headache or hair loss. The most dangerous yet not rare side effects include uncontrolled blood clots or severe both external and internal bleeding, such as gastrointestinal bleeding and brain bleeding. The blood loss in case of these side effects is irreversible and there is no antidote to stop the drug’s effects once they occur.

If you suffered, seek lawyer’s help

Only within past months thousands of patients have filed their Xarelto lawsuit. This, aside of the extensive research done by scientists, proves rivaroxaban to be a deadly substance. With the evidence that these studies and specific cases provided, it is possible to file a lawsuit against the company and demand a large financial compensation.
Lawyers are capable of using the available evidence and results of studies to defend their clients and expose the company’s unbelievable mistake which introducing Xarelto in the market was.

While consulting a lawyer, it is important for the patient or the patient’s relative to present the whole background behind taking Xarelto and the side effects they suffered from. It is more than likely that the case of a patient filing a lawsuit has already occurred. If it indeed is so, it will be much easier to prove the company’s fault. At the moment, the number of lawsuits filed against the producer of a drug has reached thousands all over the United States. Due to the fact that some of the cases are similar or almost identical, it is a common practice that the court consolidates these cases into one suit. In such a situation, the group of patients sues the company together, yet each and every person has their own lawyer.
Finding a qualified lawyer to analyze the patient’s story and represent them in a court is not a tough task anymore. The harmed patients and their lawyers are grouped on websites, making it possible to seek help and advice from specialists and people in the same situation.

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