8 Words That Have A More Powerful Meaning Than You Think


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

There are many clues in our language. The word spell for example can be used in a different context  depending on the sentence it is included in, you could say I am going to cast a spell or you could say I am going to spell a word. Both very different to those viewing, it, however  (perhaps) they both mean the same thing.  

I am building an ever growing list of words that have double, triple and multi versed meanings (sometimes malicious), to try and show the importance of language and how they can (if we know how) be used to help with the evolution of human consciousness.

Revolution- This is my favorite word of recent times- it Includes the word evolution, love backwards and evol- which is the start of the word evolve and love backwards. Meaning we need a loving revolution to complete our evolution. You also see the word evol sounds similar to evil, which is love backwards.

Disease- Dis-ease when we are at dis ease with the emotional, physical and spiritual world, it creates a dis-ease within us. Remove the dis (imbalance) we return to ease. This is an oversimplification of something that at times can be very complex, but still to my understanding is true.

Cult- taken from the word culture, which is in no way a bad thing. Culture is our foundations and something that we thrive upon. It has been abbreviated and taken out of context to represent something dark and sinister, when in reality it should not hold this negative association.

Isis- Isis is the Egyptian goddess of love, exactly what we need in this moment in time- not a terror group. The name of the islamic extremist group our government has declared war on is named daesh. The US have abbreviated Islamic state of Iraq and Syria into the initials that represent an love, motherhood, nature and magic. The war on Isis means a war on love in its verbal form.

New world order- currently being used out of context, people liken this to the darker elitist organisations, I have heard people declare war on the new world order. But if you look at the words- new-world-order, this is exactly what we need to move humanity forward, a reshuffle of the power structure. We just need those who are leading to be doing so as service men/women to humanity. Yet the activist community (the community that will create this needed new world order) has created a verbal war on what we actually need.

Terror- comes from the Latin word Terra. Terra means earth. So this war of terror we are currently fighting is verbally a war on earth.

Therapist- You break this into 2 words it becomes The Rapist. This is not a personal attack on any therapists or health workers, but mental health issues are hardly declining, and the more we learn about the mind the better job we seem to be doing of messing it up.

This is not saying a therapist is a literal rapist, but in a metaphorical sense it could be assumed that someone who enters the depths of our minds without a full understanding of all aspects of a trauma could be considered to be in violation of the person they are supposed to be serving.

Psychology is rooted in mysticism, meaning those who used to practice, understood the full spectrum of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. Now we have more of a compartmentalised approach, maybe this is the reason why mental health issues are so prevalent.

Illuminati- Often associated with an oppressive satanic group of elitists, I don’t know enough about this to comment on whether this is a real organisation or not (although there are organisations like this in existence).

But the word Illuminati is an abbreviated version of the word illuminate or illumination which means to light up, to bring to light, or the forces of light. So this is a verbal war on light forces, of which we are certainly in need of at this moment.

These are just a few of my observations and don’t take the words I am sharing as literal, I am not saying the new world order should be celebrated, we should worship the illuminati or an extremist group represents love. I am saying the context of these words should be returned and used for their original purpose. I hope you understand, or to put it better overstand. Because the whole time we are under something we never fully see it, we need to stand over it and view it from all angles. Much love, Luke

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