8 Societal Systems That Produce The Opposite Effect They Are Supposed To

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I have a story that sums up many of the systems we have in place- there was an experiment in which 5 monkeys were put in a cage. In the middle of the room, hanging from the ceiling was a banana which could easily be accessed by climbing a ladder.

When a monkey attempted to climb this ladder they would all be sprayed with freezing cold water, so the monkeys quickly created the association between the freezing water and going for the banana.

The next day, the researcher removed 1 monkey and added a new monkey to the experiment. When the new arrival saw the banana they immediately tried to climb the ladder. With the other 4 monkeys knowing the outcome of attempting to get the banana they all pounced and attacked stopping the attempt.

Every day for the following 4 days a new monkey was entered into the experiment and one of the original monkeys were taken out. Every time a new monkey entered the cage and tried to go for the banana, they are met with a savage beating from the other monkeys.

On the final day of the experiment 5 monkeys remained in the cage, none of which have the connection between the cold water and going for the banana, yet when a new monkey was added to the mix and went for the banana they all still attacked. Meaning they had been trained to believe that going for the banana is wrong, just because everyone else’s behaviour indicates it.

This story is similar to the conditioning we have experienced as a race, we do things because everyone else is doing them, without any real thought put into why we are doing things or if the things we are doing are most effective.

If we take away what we have been taught, remove our opinions and egos, and simply observe you can see that there are plenty of systems and ideals in place that are supposed to produce a specific result, but in reality they often produce the complete opposite.


Schooling is supposed to produce an education for a child, but in reality it only produces a fraction of real education and indoctrinates children into a certain way of thinking.

We are taught that our nations are great and built on hard work and dedication, when in reality they have been built on war, human rights violations and genocide. In the USA Christopher Columbus is thought of as the man who discovered America and admired as a hero, but the truth is he is a known slave trader and the man who started the genocide of the Native Americans.

In the UK the monarchy is worshiped and funny rhymes are made up about the beheading and deaths of Henry the eighths wives, when in reality he was no more than a dictator, who terrorised innocent people throughout his reign.

Schooling is supposed to prepare us for life, but what it really does is prepare us for work. It prepares us to be a cog in the system and if a child plays up or shows different skills that are outside the paradigms of what is deemed necessary, they are judged as less intelligent than those who have conformed.

Education is supposed to prepare us for life and educate us; in reality it restricts many and forces them away from the true education they would like to pursue!


I am sure you have heard people say- “money is the root of all evil”, “money is power” or “money is freedom”.

The fact is money is supposed to be a convenience, something that makes trade easier. We trade in money so I don’t have to swap my 10 goats for your 10 chickens or a pound of salt for a haircut. In theory it is a really good idea.

Money is supposed to represent freedom and make life easier, but what it actually does is restrict and make things harder. While it does not consume every person, it is still in the back of most people’s minds, because most people in the world need it to live the life they are used to.

Money is responsible for the majority of suffering, people are tricked into debt and many lose everything they own just for temporary monetary relief or in the pursuit of more than they need. In poorer countries people live in poverty, because a small group of people control the global economy and resources are not equally distributed.

Wars are fought and people die in their millions for money, when it is supposed to be something that makes life simple. Money is supposed to be convenient, in reality it has become the biggest inconvenience that exists.

Law and Order

Law and order is supposed to be here to protect the vulnerable and while in some cases it does, there are many more when it doesn’t.

Think OJ Simpson getting away with murder, because he had the financial resources to hire the best legal team money could buy or corporations suing cities and countries because they will not let them drill for oil and destroy their eco systems.

Corporations can lobby to manipulate the law in their favour and banks can cripple an economy ruining the lives of millions of people and no individual has to face any consequences for their actions. Yet in some states you will be harassed if you grow vegetables, produce raw or organic foods, collect rain water or are unfortunate enough to be homeless.

There are people serving life sentences for selling marijuana, yet pharmaceutical companies can push far more dangerous drugs and when they get caught acting in a criminal way, no individual is brought to justice.

Prisons have become businesses, where the more people they can imprison the more money they make and there have even been cases where prisons have bribed judges to give children harsh sentences for minor offences.

In one case Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr was sentenced to 28 years for accepting bribes, which is great but the corporations that done the bribing where left to trade as normal.

Law and order does have a place in society, but it is should be fair and democratic. The reality is, it is actually easily manipulated if you have money and power, producing the opposite effect of law and order.


Employment, like money is supposed to bring freedom. You get told the story- “If you work hard now, you can enjoy your freedom later” or “Work all year round and you can have 4 weeks’ vacation to enjoy yourself”

Employment is supposed to put us in a position where we don’t have to worry financially, but it can often produce the opposite effect. When you work you feel like you can get in debt, be it a mortgage, a loan or credit cards. Once you get in debt you lose your freedom, because if you stop making your payments the powers to be will come and take what you have.

If a family member gets sick or you need time out for any reason, you can’t because you get stuck in the perpetual cycle of reliance on employers to provide for you. Even if you have a well-paid job and no debt, there is still the reliance on someone to provide you with a job, which can be taken away at any time.

Some people make this way of life work for them but over 70% of people are unhappy in their jobs and stuck in a trap of debt and dependence, while doing something they don’t even enjoy.


It really depends how you look at war, if you look at it as a profit machine for greedy governments then it is serving its purpose. On the other hand if you see war as a means to make peace, then it never has and never will serve its purpose.

Hatred breeds hatred and the whole time death is being used as a means of change, there will always be another generation of angry children who have seen their loved ones suffer.

The story we are told is that war is a means to a peaceful future, when the truth is the only way we can provide harmony is through peace itself.


Some religious ideals are great, the idea of peace, harmony, forgiveness and unity. But ultimately religion is the biggest killer in the world. It has become acceptable for people to be subtly and at times blatantly racist to Muslims in a lot of the western world.

Every time a Muslim person does anything they shouldn’t their race is highlighted before anything else in the media. It is no better in some of the Muslim countries, as many have grown to resent the western, Christian way of life.

No religions are exempt, as there are fundamentalist groups all over the world killing in the name of their god. Even Buddhism, a religion most would associate with peace are killing and trying to convert others to their religion. But the media just manipulates it to look as if we currently have a Muslim problem.

While the United States is not strictly Christian 78% of Americans are, so this war on terror is fundamentally a Christian vs Muslim war.


This is not an attack on any religion in particular, as I am sure there are sections of every religion which are peaceful and live realistically. But the set of rules imposed by a lot of religion are impossible to live out and can lead to people feeling guilt ridden for just expressing natural human traits.

Religion is supposed to bring unity and peace, when the real results are separation and war.


Food is supposed to sustain us and create a health body, and while this is the case for many people, there are many more that are not using it for it intended purpose.

Food has been commodified, the nutrients have been removed and it is more expensive to eat well than it is to eat junk.

Food is supposed to be used as a tool for survival, but the reality is, it is doing us more harm than good at the moment.


Healthcare has become a business in which the longer people are sick, the more profitable they are as customers.

The point of healthcare is supposed to be to produce healthy people, but those in charge of it would go out of business if they managed to do this.

It is a strange system, with huge amounts of money involved which can only lead to profiteering off of the vulnerable.

When you walk into a doctor’s office, rarely are you asked about your thoughts, diet and what you spend your time doing. Yet they are quick to diagnose and provide drugs for illnesses, in which the guidelines are set by those who profit from producing the drugs that treat it.

Healthcare has become symptom management and then the management of the symptoms that arise as a result of the original symptom management. Perpetuating a continuous cycle of pills and more pills to manage the effects of the first pills.

Healthcare is supposed to be about health and creating a healthier nation, when in reality the money is in the sick.


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