7 Animal Analogies That Teach Us To Harmonize With Humanity


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Nature offers us clues, and a lot of what we see around us can guide us in life. For example in the UK we have stinging nettles, once you get stung the antidote is never far away in dock leaves. Things that create a problem often have a solution nearby, if you know the language of nature. Plus there are often clues in nature as to the potential use of what a particular natural substance could be used for. It may not seem this way to the untrained eye, but to those who know, they can often predict with great accuracy what outcome a specific plant/tree will do to the human/animal body.

This is not the only way nature gives us clues. Something I recently observed while spending reflective time in the Amazon jungle is that animals (and other things) often work as clues and analogies as how we can take certain part of their makeup/consciousness and apply it to our own lives. These clues are open for interpretation by those observing, but this is my observation.


I recently spoke of the structure of the Pyramid and how this works as a great analogy for the structure of society READ MORE HERE a quick run down is that most people don’t want a great deal of responsibility and the higher up the pyramid you go the smaller the group gets and the more responsibility they have.

Well this works for the spider web too, but in a different way with the middle being those with the most responsibility. What is beautiful about the spider’s web, is the connection. How there is a thread from the very edge that connects with the middle, basically in this sense metaphorically saying we are all as important a part of the system as everyone else. We just play a different role.

The other thing I viewed about 1 spiders in particular that we saw, was the work ethic. Literally everyday this spider’s web would break, and everyday it would rebuild. It is an analogy for understanding your place within the system and working playfully everyday while maintaining your perfect placement on this planet.


Ants are some of the most interesting creatures to observe and some days I watch them for hours, it is a form of meditation, but also gives you an understanding of what it means to work as a team.

Ants have one goal- Survival, at whatever cost, the difference between ants and humans is ants do not do it at the cost of their species, meaning they are committed to each other. When one ant falls, they go and pick them up and try to nurse them back to health. They have a unified agreement that they work as a team, no matter the cost.

We like to think of ourselves as the most advanced species, and in many aspects we are, but the simple ant manages to outdo us on teamwork!


The metamorphosis on the caterpillar to a butterfly is an analogy most are probably familiar with, however I will still share it as there was a Chrysalis (the cocoon) in the jungle while I was there. The caterpillar (while it is beautiful in its own way) is hardly winning any awards for its beautiful nature. I suppose it is a little like a glorified worm, which struggles around its surroundings with its little stumpy legs and wriggly body.

However the process it goes through is the process that many human beings go through, not just once, but multiple times in our lives. The feeling of being insignificant, small and unable to spread our wings (because we are yet to grow them) to becoming a big significant butterfly with our wings spread far and wide. This represents the cycle of life that we go through.


Okay, I didn’t see any cats in the jungle, however I did see my cat Tiddles when I got back and my observation of him is that he literally does what he wants, when he want, in the way he wants most of the time.

If he wants to sleep he sleeps, if he wants to lay in the bush, he lays in the bush, if he wants to sunbathe, he will do so. Occasionally a cat will come into his territory, or he will find a mouse to torment. But all these things happen in the moment, and when they do he deals with them. Then once they are dealt with, he goes back to his laid back nature of doing what he wants.

Also there are no grudges or judgement (I am sure this is true for most animals) they just get on with things. Maybe we cannot (within this current system) live our lives like this all the time, however sometimes we should learn to live the life of rest and luxury, when we get the chance.


Trees are amazing teachers. They are simple. Never in a rush. They will work as long as it takes to get where they need to be. If they ever fall down they just start again. Their roots go just as far down (sometimes further) than they go up. And they understand why it is important to build good solid foundations.

The tree is always listening, but never speaking. It only takes what it needs, and it understands how to shed all that it no longer needs, when it’s leaves fall off.

Trees are both calm and energetic and represent the yin and yang nature of the planet. Also trees know their place in the ecosystem, unselfishly giving life as part of their higher purpose.


I thought of a beautiful analogy for bees while in the jungle- everyone understands the importance of bees for the eco system. They spread pollen, which births new plant life. If they did not pollinate our eco system  would disappear.

What if we thought of ourselves as the bees and the pollen as ideas. Ideas are the most important things human beings can spread, but the ideas need to be with pure intention. A bee would never knowingly spread a contaminated piece of pollen, yet (some) humans often intentionally spread contaminated ideas, knowing the effect it will have on their- Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons and Daughters (or all metaphorical representation of the above)

Maybe we could learn a lot from the bees, as bees work for their species, but also contribute to so many other species unselfishly spreading for the greater good of the planet.


I could write a whole article on snakes, perhaps one on lizards too, but I won’t. First thing is the male and female snake intertwined represent the double helix, which is the structure of our DNA. So snakes represent life.

But both snakes and many lizards also shed their skin, this is another metaphor, like the trees for out with the old and in with the new. So many of us often carry things that no longer serve us, we could learn a lot from the snakes and lizards who relieve themselves of the skin that has recently become a burden to them.

There are many more animal metaphors and not only that many clues to your own life can be found if you observe animals. So if you see them showing up, who knows- they may be trying to tell you a story!

Much love, Luke  


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