68 Pieces Of Timeless Wisdom From Hermes Trismegistus

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Hermes is the father of Hermeticism a religious, philosophical, and esoteric tradition combining alchemy, astrology, and theurgy.

As far as mythology goes- Hermes is thought to be a reincarnation of the Egyptian god Thoth. Hermes and Thoth are both gods of knowledge, writing and magic- although writing and magic are consider to be the same thing by many of the initiated.

In what is thought to be his first book “The Divine Pymander” Hermes shares 68 timeless pieces of wisdom that will get you viewing the world from the upside down perspective. Please keep in mind this is a translation of a conversational text that was written 1700-1800 years ago. These texts speak in a dense language that often take multiple reads to filter through and when you return to them at a later date you usually see things you didn’t see the first time. Take the time, to absorb the wisdom from the god of writing Hermes:

  1. All things that are moved, only that which is not is immoveable.
  2. Every body is changeable.
  3. Not everybody is dissolvable.
  4. Some bodies are dissolvable.
  5. Every living being is not mortal.
  6. Nor every living thing is immortal.
  7. That which may be dissolved is also corruptible.
  8. That which abides always is unchangeable.
  9. That which is unchangeable is eternal.
  10. That which is always made is always corrupted.
  11. That which is made but once is never corrupted, neither becomes any other thing.
  12. Firstly, God; secondly, the World; thirdly, Man.
  13. The World for Man; Man for God.
  14. Of the Soul; that part which is sensible is mortal, but that part which is reasonable is immortal.
  15. Every Essence is immortal.
  16. Every Essence is unchangeable.
  17. Everything that is, is double.
  18. None of the things that are stand still.
  19. Not all things are moved by a soul, but everything that is, is moved by a soul.
  20. Everything that suffers is sensible; everything that is sensible, suffereth.
  21. Everything that is sad, rejoiceth also; and is a mortal living creature.
  22. Not everything that joyeth is also sad, but is an eternal living thing.
  23. Not everybody is sick; every body that is sick is dissolvable.
  24. The mind in God.
  25. Reasoning (or disputing or discoursing) in Man.
  26. Reason in the Mind.
  27. The Mind is void of suffering.
  28. No thing in a body true.
  29. All that is incorporeal, is void of Lying.
  30. Everything that is made is corruptible.
  31. Nothing good upon Earth; nothing evil in Heaven.
  32. God is good; Man is evil.
  33. Good is voluntary, or of its own accord.
  34. Evil is involuntary, or against its will.
  35. The gods choose good things, as good things.
  36. Time is a Divine thing.
  37. Law is humane.
  38. Malice is the nourishment of the World.
  39. Time is the corruption of Man.
  40. Whatsoever is in Heaven is unalterable.
  41. All upon Earth is alterable.
  42. Nothing in Heaven is servanted; nothing upon Earth free.
  43. Nothing unknown in Heaven; nothing known upon Earth.
  44. The things upon Earth communicate not with those in Heaven.
  45. All things in Heaven are unblameable; all things upon Earth are subject to reprehension.
  46. That which is immortal is not mortal; that which is mortal is not immortal.
  47. That which is sown is not always begotten; but that which is begotten always is sown.
  48. Of a dissolvable body, there are two times; one for sowing to generation, one from generation to death.
  49. Of an everlasting Body, the time is only from the Generation.
  50. Dissolvable Bodies are increased and diminished.
  51. Dissolvable matter is altered into contraries; to wit, Corruption and Generation, but Eternal matter into itself, and its like.
  52. The Generation of Man is corruption; the Corruption of Man is the beginning of Generation.
  53. That which offsprings or begetteth another, is itself an offspring or begotten by another.
  54. Of things that are, some are in bodies, some in their IDEAS.
  55. Whatsoever things belong to operation or working, are in a body.
  56. That which is immortal, partakes not of that which is mortal.
  57. That which is mortal cometh not into a Body immortal; but that which is immortal cometh into that which is mortal.
  58. Operation or Workings are not carried upwards, but descend downwards.
  59. Things upon Earth, do nothing advantage those in Heaven; but all things in Heaven do profit and advantage all things upon Earth.
  60. Heaven is capable, and a fit receptacle of everlasting Bodies; the Earth of corruptible Bodies.
  61. The Earth is brutish; the Heaven is reasonable or rational.
  62. Those things that are in Heaven are subjected or placed under it, but the things on earth are placed upon it.
  63. Heaven is the first element.
  64. Providence is Divine order.
  65. Necessity is the Minister or Servant of Providence.
  66. Fortune is the carriage or effect of that which is without order; the Idol of operation, a lying Fantasie or opinion.
  67. What is God? The immutable or unalterable good.
  68. What is man? An unchangeable evil.



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