6 Silly Excuses That Make Things Seem Hopeless

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By Andrea Schulman via Raise Your Vibration Today

What kinds of thoughts are you thinking when things seem hopeless? Do you ever find yourself leaning on silly excuses and limiting beliefs?

This past week I’ve experienced some challenges that have had me reaching for reasons to stay positive and keep moving forward. As you may know, when we aren’t feeling our best it’s pretty common that we fall back into negative patterns of thinking. Then, thanks to the good ole’ Law of Attraction, our quality of life can take a real nose dive!

Fortunately, because I understand the Law of Attraction, I’ve learned how to spot my negative thinking quickly without being too deceived by it. Instead of getting pulled down into a long-lasting depression (which was the case years ago), today I am able to pull myself back into a higher state pretty quickly.

For me, this process boils down to challenging the excuses that creep into my mind and reminding myself of why they are bullshit!

So, here are a few excuses I heard creeping up a few days ago, and the logic I use to remind myself of just how invalid these excuses are. This logic helps me overcome these kinds of silly excuses, and keeps me from falling into hopelessness. No more trips down the rabbit hole for me, no thank you! ? 

1. “It’s not possible.”

This excuse holds no water whatsoever.

As an advocate for the Law of Attraction, I know that anything is possible, and the only limits that exist are the ones in our minds. Everything is possible, if it weren’t how could you even explain the existence we live in? How improbable is your existence, yet you still exist?

Still not convinced about unlimited possibility? Investigate the concept of “quantum mechanics” for some scientific backing to this idea.

2. “I’m not ________ enough.”

This one is so common I could write an entire book on it. So often we believe we aren’t smart enough, strong enough, funny enough, wealthy enough, healthy enough, etc. This kind of negative self talk sets us up for failure in life, condemning us to genuinely believe we are incapable of big things. Again, limitations exist only in the mind! 

You are perfect as you are, and embracing who you are and acknowledging your strengths is your key to getting what you want in life.

3. “That’s just the way it is.”

Saying “that’s just the way it is” is declaration of an inflexible reality. However, things are always changing, and can always change in your favor. Just because something looks like an irrefutable fact of life, doesn’t mean it has to be.

Things can change on a dime at any time, and they often do. Life can change in an instant.

4. “Life isn’t fair.”

Sure, we have different advantages and disadvantages from each other. Absolutely.

HOWEVER life IS fair.

We are all working with the same universal laws and principals to create our realities. No one gets to “bypass” the system, no one gets to create for themselves using any different principals than you or I.

Arguing for our limitations only keeps us from using these laws to our highest advantage. We each have unlimited power to create, be it for better or worse!

5. “So-and-so is against me.”

I don’t care if you aren’t supported by your friends, your family, your neighbors, your coworkers or even your pet parakeet. You do not require anyone’s support in order to go after what you want!

In fact, sometimes the greatest motivation is having no support whatsoever, because then there’s no comfort to lean back on.

6. “It was easier back then.”

Yes, things change, and when things change sometimes it takes us a minute to catch up. However, change is always progress, and there is always good that comes from change. With new changes come brand new opportunities, but as long as we lament what used to be we prevent ourselves from seeing the possibilities.

I hope you are having a high-flying day, but in the event you are working through some limitations, I hope this article is helpful! Of course, if you have any thoughts about these silly excuses, feel free to comment below and share.

XO, Andrea

(Law of Attraction Educator) 

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