5 Weird And Healthy Ways To Entertain A Bored Mind

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At first glance boredom may seem like a trivial thing without consequences further than a little frustration. However, it is sometimes out of boredom that people start taking drugs, overeating and/or consuming hours of mind numbing media.

With this being said boredom is a choice and there are plenty of ways that are healthy on the mind, body and soul that you can use to make sure you never get bored again.

I do advocate the usual meditate, read and go to the gym stuff- however I am sure you are bored of hearing about that 😉 Let’s get a little more creative in this article- here are some out of the box suggestions for overcoming your boredom:

Take An Ice Bath

It may not be pleasant (unless you are a little crazy), but there is no way you can be bored in an ice bath. Turn on the cold tap, fill up the tub and throw in a few bags of ice. Pop on your woolly hat and jump in for 10ish minutes or whatever feels comfortable for you. It is also great for awakening a tired mind, your muscles and strengthening your immune system.

Ask The Person You Are Most Attracted To On Your Facebook On A Date

Depending on the response and person this may not be healthy, however it will get you out your comfort zone, doing something that you probably don’t often do. Take the leap of faith, don’t take it too seriously and just ask. If you are already in a relationship and bored, well…. I will let you use your imagination for that one.

Do 30 Minutes Of Fire Breathing

There are many methods of fire breathing, such as alternate nostril breathing. However you can keep this super simple and just breathe short and sharp in whichever way it feels comfortable. If you need further explanation take a look at the video below but don’t over complicate things.

Practice Doing A Handstand

This one comes with a warning, know your body and surroundings. If you are to big to pull off a handstand, don’t try and make sure you stretch your wrists and arms before hand.

Handstands are awesome and since children most of us have been fascinated with being upside down in this crazy upright illusion we call life. They can be incredibly rewarding, just take care where you do them.

Dig A Hole In Your Garden

Want to convince your family that you have completely lost your mind? Go outside and start digging!

Have you ever wondered what is going on under all that mud out there. Maybe there is some treasure? Maybe if you dig long enough you will reach the other side? Who knows what kind of adventure you will embark on if you dig?

Not sure anyone will actually do this one, but should you decide to, it will build up those muscles in no time and whatever you find internally and externally I am sure will be magical. A word of warning- don’t bury yourself and always be safe.

Hope you have enjoyed these 5 simple ideas; the next step? Why not go and do one of them? Right after you share this article!

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