5 Ways To Embody Your Unlimited Potential

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Higher Sensory Perception

It is believed that we only use a small percentage of our brain’s capabilities. The same can be said for our senses. We live in a society where higher sensory perception is not encouraged. We are taught to conform and to silence our questions, instead of being taught the proper protocols that will allow us to raise our energy vibrations and activate our intuitive mind. Luckily, all of this can be changed. Going beyond your physical sensory perception and into the hyper sensory acuity is known as the Universal Mind. Our perceptual ability is limitless. You cannot embody your unlimited potential by perceiving and experiencing the world through your ordinary senses. Intuition allows you to understand just how powerful you are beyond the physical realm and it awakens a new universe of information. The totality of who you are can only be achieved when you gain access to higher dimensional information. Harmonious lucid dreaming and out of body experiences are examples of how this can be achieved.

Knowing Your Soul Purpose

Why are we here? That is a question on many of our lips. The search to find out who we are and why we came to be can seem daunting. In essence, we all want to be happy, but we often aren’t sure how to seek this abundant level of joy. However, once your higher senses are switched on, you can start to paint a clearer picture of your Soul’s Purpose. Understanding your reason for being will heighten your zest for life. Contrary to popular belief, your mission here on Earth can be fulfilled. Your dreams don’t have to live in the confines of your mind; you can walk your path and achieve self-actualisation. Explore and expand your soul by investing in experiences that nurture self-growth and development.

Embracing all Emotions

Our society places a high value on happiness – a monetary one. We are taught to buy that nice car or save up enough money to afford that big house. Only then, will we be happy. We are so caught up trying to be happy, that when we experience negative emotions, we push them aside and try to suppress, rather than embrace it. You will have fully transcended the spiritual bypass when you allow all emotions to flow through you. You should see your change in emotional state as a sign of authenticity – a sign that you live and breathe. Part of being alive is embracing your thoughts and feelings, regardless of whether they are positive or negative.

Unconditional Self-love

The desire to be loved is universal. However, unconditional love is an elusive commodity. First, we must truly love ourselves before someone else can love us. Your fourth strand of DNA correlates to your heart chakra. When you are able to access and embody a state of unconditional love, you will no longer need to extract love from other people. You will be able to provide an infinite source of love for yourself and will feel whole and at peace with who you are.

Frequency Resonance

Embodying your unlimited potential means that you have to raise your frequency. Your perceptual reality must go through a spiritual shift. You have to create a path for yourself that draws on wisdom and knowledge of all that you didn’t think was possible, but can now understand. Once you gain access to your higher senses, you will notice that some people will start to fall out of your holographic reality. Your frequencies no longer match. You are now operating at a higher frequency and this will attract you to people who are resonating at the same vibration as your own. This shift will allow you to grow further in line with your Higher Self.

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