5 Truth’s About Reality That You Need To Accept

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If you take a look around the internet there is no shortage of advice on how you can improve yourself. Unfortunately a lot of this overly positive and sometimes bad advice misses out some of the pitfalls that everyone must experience at some point in their life.

It’s good to motivate yourself, to meditate, exercise and live an all-round positive lifestyle. But if you enter the journey of mastering yourself with a misconception that it will not have struggles, you are setting yourself up for a rough ride.

Life is full of ups and downs, and while I think you have to live through some things to fully appreciate the experience there will be somethings you will inevitably face on your journey.

You Will Fail

Failure will usually come as a result of trying something new- If you start playing the piano you will be rubbish to start. Your first day at your new job will always be overwhelming. Any idea or concept that you come up with will likely have to go through a process of failure before it becomes a reality.

This is just the nature of life and ultimately the person who can put themselves through the most failure and still come out on the other side with a good attitude will be successful.

Don’t try to run from your failures, but use them as a reminder of how far you have come. Embrace the feeling of inferiority when you embark on a new adventure and accept that we all have to start somewhere.

You Will Always Experience Negative Emotions

When I first started working on the mastery of myself I got into meditation, I watched “The Secret” and I read “Think and Grow Rich” and while I appreciate the lessons I learnt from these positive sources, they set me up for unrealistic expectations of myself.

I tried to remain positive all of the time, no matter what I was experiencing and while I still believe you can keep a positive attitude all the time, you are still allowed to be angry if you shut your finger in the car door!

We will always experience negative emotions in our lives, as we are not in control of so much. Your job is in learning how to process these emotions and deal with them as they arise. Do that and you will be set for a more positive and realistic life.

You Are Flawed And You Always Will Be

The only perfect people are strangers, once you get to know people you realise they are just as messed up as you are!

Everyone has flaws, even if your flaws are making others feel inferior with your awesomeness<Joke. So try not to rid yourself of all your imperfections, instead try to just be aware and minimise the damage your flaws cause.

There will be certain things you will be trying to eradicate from your life, but ultimately you need to accept that you will make mistakes and mess up from time to time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you are only human!

Things Are Never Just Perfect

Regardless of if you work in a supermarket stacking shelves or run a fortune 500 company you will always run in to problems (just different types of problems.) It’s the nature of life and if you look into Buddhist philosophy, it is one of the corner stones of their teachings.

Happiness in a journey not a place where you will arrive when everything gets better. Ultimately you need to learn to be happy with the life you have, you can change things and dedicate yourself to things being as good as they can be, but you will never arrive at the place of perfect balance for very long.

Think of it like this- for every action there is a reaction, if you get a dream job you may have to sacrifice family time. If you get a new girlfriend some of your social life may go on hold. If you want to be healthy you may have to give up eating bacon every morning.

There is only one way to make things perfect and that is to accept all the imperfections! See what I did there!

Pain Will Always Be With You

You are allowed to feel pain, we all have skeletons in our closet. You may feel bad about the past, someone you love may have passed away or you may be in a bad situation you cannot control.

Pain is not always a bad thing, it is an indication that something is wrong and a reminder that you are human. Get to know your cycles and try to understand your pain. Know that things will work out, and trust the process of life. When in a bad situation you can control change it and when it is out of your control, process it and don’t run from it.

Pain and suffering is life telling you that you are a full feeling normal human being and the more life you live the more you will experience it.

Life is full of ups and downs, and the truth is if you do not fully feel them downs, you will not totally appreciate the ups.

If you are feeling inferior you don’t always have to macho up, but just trust the process and put faith in your ability to acquire the skills needed to progress.

So far you have a 100% success rate of days you have survived, so keep on keeping on!

What you can do right now is take inventory of your life 5 years ago, look at where you were then and where you are now. Even if you feel you are in a worse place, what have you learnt and what are you doing to avoid making them mistakes again? What is something that was a dream back then, but is now a reality? I am sure you have come a long way!

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