5 Rituals To Set Clear, Positive And Powerful Intentions

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Without a map you can never reach your destination, and even if you do you will never know how you got there. This is not to say you that cannot be lead by intuition, in fact I would say the best map you can develop is the internal, intuitive one. However, you need to have at least a vague idea of which direction you are going in, even if you just have the intention with yourself to find direction.

Intentions are powerful, it is a strong affirmation to the cosmos saying- I would like a specific result, please give it to me. And when you do this the most magical of things will begin to appear. You can have intention in everything you do, and the more you get used to this way of life, the more magic and synchronicity tends to show up to guide you.

Before I go any further I would say it is important to have a space for spiritual work, I personally have an altar with crystals and sacred objects. It is also good to clear (cleanse) the space before your ritual- I use palo santo usually, but sometimes sage. This clearing is accompanied by some words (intentions) beforehand. e.g. “please give me a safe journey providing all I need, much love and gratitude for this opportunity to travel in this sacred space” you can say whatever feels right for you and call on any god/s that you believe in for protection and guidance.

Burning The Intentions

This is a simple yet effective way to set out intent. Think of your intention e.g. “I would like more clarity in my life” something simple that can be turned into a mantra (Something you can repeat verbally or in your mind). Light some candles, have a pen and paper to hand and something you can burn your paper in. Turn off the lights, and spend some time in meditation or doing something sacred- could be drumming, dancing or anything that allows you to reach

an altered state of consciousness, while doing this repeat the mantra. Once you feel yourself

slipping into a deeper state get the pen and paper and write your intention- then fold it 5 times

and burn it, releasing it to the universe.

Dream Intentions

The dream world takes a little more work in comparison to the psychedelic experience. With psychedelics once you take them there is no choice but to ride the wave that it has for you, with dreams you have to learn the landscape and the language. A good start is to keep a dream journal, and each time you wake up- write down your dreams. Keep your journal by the bed and do this as soon as you wake, as it is common to forget. This is the first step of intention- by saying I am going to record these dreams you are sending a message that you are taking things seriously.

The next thing to do is to set intentions before you go to bed- eg I would like to understand (innerstand) the spirit dimension more clearly. Then go to sleep and see what messages come up. Deams often (usually) communicate in metaphors so it is good to analyse and try to get used to the language, and also be patient; sometimes it can feel like you are not dreaming, but we always dream. If you cannot make any sense of the dreams you can contact someone to interpret them for you. But remember to record your dreams in writing as often as you can to help you to get used to the language.

Meditative Intentions

Meditation is a similar experience to dreams, it can be a hard world to enter, however it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for spiritual health. Mediation has been commercialised and in many communities steered away from its original intent, however if you can see past the hype and look at it for what it is, you have a very powerful tool at your hands.

Set your intentions before hand and sit in whichever position you feel comfortable, there are many ways to meditate- my personal advice is to learn yourself- which hand position feels right? Which breathing patterns feels right? Music can help, but do what feels right for you. Don’t be afraid to explore. Again you can journal about the experience and learn to understand (innerstand) the unspoken language. You will often get feelings and intuitive understandings (innerstandings) after meditation, listen to them and go with what guides you.

Intentions will change your life- you can set one and once you have a better understanding (innerstandings) of that part of you, you can set another. Go with the flow and allow yourself to be directed. Follow the white rabbit when it appears and don’t be afraid to on the adventure.

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