5 Pieces Of Wisdom To Harness Your Inner Spirit

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As we awaken and remember our true nature as eternal expressions of God/Source, and take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions that create our experience. We enter the space of creation. With our new found awareness, we become consciousness as we create. Experiencing and expanding into love, joy, gratitude, wonder, imagination and playfulness. Leaving fear, greed, hate, envy behind. Otherwise, our thoughts and emotions take complete control over our lives.


Awareness changes everything. It takes a daily practice of mindfully setting intentions. It is like reprogramming our subconscious mind. Start observing your thoughts and see how you may contradict your intention by the words can’t or won’t. The more you catch yourself going against the current of your intention with words and thoughts that have the vibration of doubt and lack; you can begin to shift them into the direction of your intention.


Have fun playing with creating and expect to get what you desire. Love, abundance and travel. Whatever it is, think big! When we came into life we heard NO from our parents and those around us all the time, it has been programmed into you since birth. Be creative un-programming and reprogramming your life to your highest intentions. You must take action steps towards your desires to fully manifest your reality. Play and remember imagination is the power behind creation.

Different Levels Of Consciousness

Keep calm and remember that we’re all at a different spaces within consciousness. During your daily life and family gatherings is the perfect time to practice your awareness of the energy you are projecting as well as what energy you are receiving.

It’s not a race or competition of who is more awakened or enlightened those are terms the ego likes to use to fuel separation. We step into a bigger role of the ego when we think that we are more intune, advanced, or awakened then others. It’s not our responsibility to convince anyone of anything.

Let’s remember that we all have a past that has served as a catalyst. Look how far you have come, much has transformed and only through lessons and doing the work you have been able to evolve. To extend compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love and non-judgment for all who are not awakened or empowered to their greatness, it’s the biggest gift you can give them and yourself, you both can grow by not engaging into a negative energetic pull of anger, yet transcending with love and understanding.

Earth is our school for the evolution of souls and the collective of humanity. You will begin to master and transcend into new heights leaving the old soul work behind of learning forgiveness, judgment, unconditional love/ self-love, fear, greed, lack, hate.

We can find harmony and balance here, once we integrate these lessons and apply them. It’s not going to be easy, it’s meant to be a challenge. Until we work through it, we will continue to be shown it. We are mirror’s for each other’s expansion, awareness of this changes everything.


Let’s be real…In life it is not natural to always be in a constant state of bliss and happiness. I know a lot of us in the spiritual community speak and teach, be positive, stay positive, follow your bliss and vibrate at the highest frequency ect.. While this is great.. It is very important not to run from or push any emotion or feeling away, including, sadness, loneliness, desperation, anger, guilt, grieving and so on.


When we try to suppress those emotions they will chase after us until we fully process, FEEL and release them (it’s like carrying rocks within our being until we integrate them). There is no such thing as a bad emotion; they are all messengers trying to shine a light upon what’s going on within us. They are gifts for the soul’s evolution and expansion.

It can be extremely healing to sit within your pain feel it, cry, feel and observe what the lesson is trying to show you. Once we do this those emotions will no longer have power over us and keep showing up within our life. We bring the unconscious, conscious. This goes the same with joy abundance, love.. Sit in these emotions and feel them with gratitude within your heart space.. Life is about experiencing fully, this means both sides of us, the light and dark feeling and emotions. Without this contrast there is no exploration, experience or expansion. Life can be joyous and painful; it was intended to be felt. By having awareness of this you can manage your life with a little more ease.


Be kind and gentle with yourselves and don’t hold judgment, we are not here to be perfect. Let things go! I feel if we can walk with peace within our hearts during the chaos of life, is a beautiful and freeing way to live. We are very vulnerable and it can be hard to navigate our lives in the directions of our intentions.


However, with a state of gratitude to have been gifted this experience of physicality at all, is the foundation to start lifting yourself out of the lower vibrations and back into alignment. It will be a daily practice of mindfully being present with yourself and your emotions.. Awareness changes everything, we must embrace our darkness to truly understand our light…


Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re a beautiful cosmic child of light. Precious as the stars in the sky. Keep peace within your hearts during the chaos of life.

We Are All Reflections

I am a reflection of you; you’re a reflection of me. It is through our hearts transparency that we will begin to truly see…

Imagine if we agreed to simply allow others to just be, without casting our projection of limitation and judgment. This would dissolve so many conflicts within us and others.


Our uniqueness is all an expression of divinity. Who are we to say who is right or who is wrong and judge someone else’s reality?


We are all here in our own realities expanding and experiencing within our own personal expansion, as well as the collective. Without this contrast, there is no experience, exploration or expansion.


There is no judgment in presence of all that is and ever has been. When we judge others, we are judging our self. The darkness we see in others, offers us a space of reflection to learn to love our self-deeper, as that allows our love to flow freer.


Darkness has its teachings; we must fully embrace our darkness to truly understand our light.

You’re not going Crazy, you’re Waking up.


This is a very exciting time on earth and for humanity. Many are experiencing symptoms of the new frequencies as well as awakening/remembering who we really are. There is a global shift taking place as we expand our consciousness past the limitations and conditions that have been placed upon us..

Our televisions/media is a huge catalyst for the mass hypnosis and manipulation of our minds keeping us focused on materialism and issues that do not matter. They are selling stories, not solutions. Politics and many religions have kept us in a limited state of fear and control. What’s the solution? Knowledge is power.. However, action is still necessary…What action can we take to reclaim our birthright of our sovereign nature back? One thought is healing from the inside out… Aligning our individual selves taking responsibility for our own emotional well-being and spiritual evolution.  Not allowing the media machine to pump fear into our hearts. Leaving us to look to be protected and saved. It’s only an illusion to create separation. If we are not in fear what do we need them for?

Seek your personal truth and look within to find the answers.. We cannot fully find our self when looking to others to hand us a key. The key is you and the search is within…  

We have far more power over our reality than we have been told. As we reclaim our personal power and energies as creators of our own reality and begin choosing the thought forms that align us to our highest intention, we will begin to bring change within our own lives as well as collectively. Here are a few tools on riding this new energetic wave with the least resistance.

Keep your heart and mind open to all possibilities.

Question everything you have ever been told or sold.

This one is very important! Meditating can bring you to your higher self and there you will find inner peace and guidance within yourself by doing a daily practice of quieting your mind.

Explore your chakras, this will give you a great understanding of how our bodies and energy centers work.

Understand that the greatest illusion is the illusion of separation. Realize that we are all connected to each other the cosmos, earth, plants, animals, sun, moon stars and so on.


Love without judgment. Everyone here is at different places of consciousness doing the best that they can with what they have. We are all learning lessons for our soul’s evolution. Compassion and patience is love in action.

Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. This helps with the flow of energies. Eat as much organic fruits and vegetables as possible. A high alkaline diet is helpful during your bodies’ transition in carrying a higher frequency. You may hear high pitch ringing in your ears, this is normal as your body is adjusting.

Look within and trust your intuition.

Pray for peace and unity and share this with the youth.

Ground yourself in nature and take time to appreciate the earth as it has provided us a beautiful home to experience physicality in.

Exude gratitude for everything in your life, this will assist you in attracting what you truly want in your life.

Love yourself unconditionally as this is to love God/Source and the rest will fall into place. Tell yourself daily I love you and I am thankful for myself and my imperfections as they offer me reflections. I am love.

Set your intentions to the highest and include the collective in them.

Remember that it is very important to be able to change and practice non attachment. If you cling onto the old world and its ways, you may miss out on the new world that IS coming. Being able to adapt to change IS the key for any species survival.

One last thing, I have found that staying in the present moment is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, for it is truly all we have. Chantelle

About The Author- My name is Chantelle Renee and I have a great passion for assisting souls in becoming empowered and aligned to their own divine connection, living their highest potential and best life through uncovering what the underlying blocks are to their own happiness. You can take a look at what I am doing over at https://www.chantellerenee.org/ and like me on Facebook HERE


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