5 Pieces Of Beauty In The Most Unlikely Of Places

by Luke Miller Truth Theory

Life is a truly beautiful experience and sometimes it is less about surrounding yourself with more beauty than it is just noticing the beauty that is right in front of us.

When you make a conscious effort to look for things within your world, slowly you start to notice them a lot more. It is the way we are wired up.

Guiding your consciousness towards these little moments of beauty is how we can appreciate everything a little more! In this article I wanted to share with you some of the little moments of beauty that could easily go unnoticed, if you are not willing to let it in! Enjoy

This little poetic gem was not written by a literary genius, no, this is taken straight from the nintendo quit screen! Blink and you will miss the beauty!

80104678This is an image taken from the Gaza Strip in war torn Palestine, despite all the destruction and chaos 2 children have still managed to smile and enjoy a makeshift seesaw made from the rubble.

 15592010Gaza Strip, 2014. © Photo by Khalid Atif


A small bush here has risen from the concrete, this image was also taken from a cemetery, showing that even while being surrounded by death and unnatural materials nature can rise through the ground!

78843702Image Credit


This is quite a famous image, from Tiananmen Square where a protester peacefully forced a tank to divert its course. Showing the power a single person can have when standing up to unjust laws. Unfortunately there was not a good ending for the protestors with the Tiananmen Square massacre, in which hundreds (maybe thousands depending on who you believe) of lives were lost. However there is something beautiful about someone standing up to the might of a tank, with complete disregard for the consequences they may have to face. I was unsure if I should include this image as it could be argued- how can there be beauty in such destruction, but there is beauty in unjust laws being broken for the greater good.

19591949The moment when one woman of thousands of passers by decided to stop and listen to the music. The musician was Joshua Bell, he earned $32 while playing a $3 million violin. Bell often sells out arenas, yet this day a total of 7 people stopped to listen with this particular woman being the longest viewer. It just goes to show how we can easily pass by beauty every single day, without noticing!

36216860There is beauty in everything if you look at it in the right way! Don’t forget to take time out to be conscious and enjoy what is right in front of you, much love, Luke
Luke Miller is the creator of Potential For Change and author of this article. He believes that spirituality is the foundation for good health and likes to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of his free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here


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